A Letter from Jessica



Hello! Welcome!

I’m Jessica Zimmerman. I’m the owner of ZIMMERMAN, a floral + event design studio. Brian is my husband and together we have a daughter, Stella, and twin boys, Perry and Zeke - a full home and even fuller hearts!  

Three years ago, I was drowning. I owned a rental company and I was working 12 - 14 hour days barely scraping together enough money to pay my bills. My daughter was six months old and I desperately missed her. Every single day I would wonder...

How did I get here? How is it that I’m working so hard and have nothing to show for it? Why do I have zero time for my family and my friends?

I learned to define what success looks like for me - not how the world defines it. With her help I restructured my business. I rebranded and changed the name. I went from having 9-5 store hours, six days a week to meeting clients by appointment only. The life I live today would never have happened without her encouragement and support.

Why am I doing this? There is a need. For every one inquiry I receive from a floral designer asking me to mentor her, I receive four inquiries from moms asking for my help with balance. There is a need and I believe by sharing my own story, I can help.

I’m excited about this series! I’m going to share with you stories from my own life. I’m going to share my journey of how I began to truly enjoy both my work and my personal life. I’m going to share tips on how I balance both.

I’m a creative entrepreneur and I’m a mom so obviously if you share either one of those things you will probably relate strongly to this series. However, let me say this - If you work in the corporate world there is something here for you. If you work from home there is something here for you. Stay at home moms - you do the most important work and in my opinion - the hardest work of all. I am in awe of you. There is something here for you. Maybe you aren’t married. Maybe you don’t have kids. Guess what - we all struggle with balancing work and our personal lives. There is something here for you too. 

More than anything I want you to know this is a place where I hope you will come and know I am here encouraging you without judgement. There is enough judgement and comparison in this world already and I have no interest in playing that game.

I’m glad you are here. I’m excited to share my story with you. Balancing a business and a family of five isn’t always easy, but it is achievable.

The series kicks off this Wednesday. I would be honored if you would forward this to anyone you think might enjoy it. You can also click the bar below and share it on your social media. I believe it’s important to share so we can encourage one another on this journey together.

See you next week!