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You were probably born to work with flowers.

The only problem is you don’t know how to turn this passion into profit. Guess what? I do.

I’m Jessica Zimmerman.

I own a floral and event design studio in a small town in the middle of Arkansas.

It wasn't long ago that I was right where you are, running on that hamster wheel with nothing to show for it.

Today, I pay myself a salary that supports my family of five. I have a 6,000 square foot studio. I have an incredible team that helps me with all the stuff I don't enjoy so I can focus on what I love. More importantly, I now have what I value most, time. I work about 25 hours a week leaving me lots of time to spend with my husband, four year old daughter, and two year old twin boys. I share this only to give you hope.

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I firmly believe with all my heart that I was put here to share my story to help other wedding floral designers. So let’s do this. Let’s start making you money doing what you love!
— Jessica Zimmerman

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