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Business Behind the Blooms




Business Behind the Blooms FAQ


What's included in the Business Behind the Blooms course?

• Over 500 pages of content

• Access to our private Bloomer Facebook group

• Exclusive lifetime access to the course

Do I need anything special to access and use Business Behind the Blooms?

You will only need an internet connection to download the program and complete the course. 

What format does it come in?

Business Behind the Blooms is online and housed in the program Kajabi.

Is BBB available in any language outside of English?

At this time, no. 

Can I print it?

Currently, the course cannot be printed. This is part of the terms you agree to before purchasing. 

Is this just for floral designers?

No. We are a floral design and wedding planning company and while the course is written from our point of view, much of what we share can be applied to other creative businesses. There are many systems shared that are applicable to any business owner. 

Will this apply in my country?

Yes. Many people from all over the world have found success implementing the systems shared in this course.  Read our international testimonials here.


Can I have an additional account for my other device / my business partner?

We are only able to offer one account per purchase. 

Who should take Business Behind the Blooms?

Self-taught or professionally trained floral designers. Wedding professionals looking to make money from their business. Work-from-home moms. Wedding planners wanting to add floral design into their business. Floral designers looking to add a wedding planning division into their business. A dreamer who desires to learn the steps to take in order to start their own business. Business owners who are exhausted from working countless hours with little or no money to show for it. Creatives who want to reclaim their lives and create boundaries to have more free time with their family and friends. 

What happens if my device gets broken / I upgrade to a different device?

We completely understand needing to update old or broken technology through this process, especially since you have lifetime access to the course.  Because the program is online, you can access from any device that has internet access.

If I purchase items from The Resource Hub and then later purchase BBB, can I get my money back for the resource hub items?

The Resource Hub was designed for people to get a little taste of what it’s like to learn from us. There are many people who purchase a Resource Hub item and later invest in BBB. In the terms and agreement, it states we don’t give any refunds. 



Mentoring FAQs


How does the mentoring process work?

Our Mentoring program starts with an initial meeting so that you and Jessica can chat about your business and how she can help you.  After that meeting, a custom mentoring plan will be be developed to best fit those needs.  All meetings are held via Google Hangout (which is like FaceTime or Skype).

How much is mentoring?

All mentoring is billed at an hourly rate of $400 / hour.  

Why is mentoring so expensive?

Because of Jessica's experience and the demand.  Over the years, Jessica has invested over $40k in floral education and floral business education. She brings decisive clarity to each session and has a track record of her clients getting an excellent return on their investment in their time together. Jessica only works between 25 - 30 hours a week because she wants to be home with her family when they are home. In addition to education and mentoring, Jessica has her own wedding clients she meets with and therefore only has a couple of spots open per week to take on mentoring appointments.

How much mentoring will I need?

It is really up to you how much mentoring you choose to have.  Based on your first meeting and your needs that you and Jessica discuss, the custom mentoring plan will include suggested length that you should be mentored (because someone who only needs help in one or two areas would not need as much mentoring as someone who wants to revamp their entire business).  So, in a nutshell, this is an ongoing program, and it is up to you how long you are mentored by Jessica.