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Ask Us Anything!

Have you ever had a question in your floral design business and just wished someone would answer it for you?

I know I have! Too often, floral designers spend so much time wondering the answers, which takes away from them actually turning their business into a profitable one. I wanted to create a place where floral designers were heard. That’s right! If you have a question, we will give you an answer.

Now let’s be real:  There may be something that we can answer right away.

For example, “The image Jess just posted on instagram, where is that vessel from?” In this case, we would simply reply to you with the source!

There might be a question that we’ve already spent time and money creating the answers.

For example, “I really want to implement a la carte pricing into my business. How do I go about doing that?” In this case, we would email you a link to the web class I taught showing you exactly how to implement this division into your company.

There might be a question where we would need to set up a strategy phone call.

For example, “My business is drowning. I don’t know what to do! Can you help?” In that case, we would email back explaining our best next step is to set up a one on one call with me.


So as you can see, while not every answer will be instant and not every answer will be free (although I do give away some amazing freebies, have you downloaded yours?), you will at least receive an answer!


Don’t be shy! Ask away!

Please allow 48-72 business hours for a reply.

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