Everything Changed When I Shifted My Focus

I remember when I first started my business and all these big dreams I had of my work being featured. My focus was more on the potential press than it was on the work. Looking back, it's so obvious why none of my early work was featured - it's not that the work wasn't good, it's just that my focus wasn't where it needed to be. It was only when I shifted my energy and started focusing more on my clients and their dreams for their day that things began to happen. Press features are no longer a top priority for me. More often than not, I'll receive an email from a publication or a text from a friend letting me know of a feature they saw of one of my weddings.

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Long-Term Planning for a Stress-Free Wedding Week

I’ll never forget that sick-to-my-stomach feeling. It was the week of a big wedding and as I went to prep some floral foam, I realized we were totally out. I did the only thing I could do, and I scavenged any store in our small town and all the neighboring towns that might have some foam. No luck.

I ended up having to rig together a solution, wasting mental energy and time worrying and problem-solving. While I ended up delivering on the end result and gave the couple exactly what I promised, I knew I never wanted to feel like that again. Frustrated, out of control, and behind.

Ever since that wedding, long-term planning remains one of the most important components to our wedding day success and client satisfaction. It’s funny-- one on the best ways I can serve my clients is by perfecting a process they never see, and should never know about.

Let’s talk about why your team should start preparing for a wedding the day the contract is signed, and why this long-range preparation will completely transform your wedding experience, putting the fun back into the wedding week.

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Developing a Fresh Look on a Repeat Venue

I try to look at a popular venue where hundreds of weddings have been designed with the exact same layout as a challenge. The very first thing I do is ask myself, "How can I lay this out how it's never been done before?"

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How to Stop Making Excuses and Start Making a Business and Life You Love

I’ve been feeling a tug at my heart for a while now. Something inside me is saying it’s time for a change, it’s time to pivot, to try something new. I’ve had a very specific dream for the past 18 years. That dream has evolved over time, but it’s still there. On Mother’s Day, Brian gave me the best gift in the world, rest. He took the kids for the day and I caught up on some much needed rest. Those days of being all by myself all day long are so incredibly rare, but it’s those days when I get my best ideas. I’m writing this post for one reason, because I want to remember this moment. I want to remember this day as the day I finally stopped allowing this dream to be just a dream.

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Why Site Visits Are Crucial

When I'm first hired to design an event, the very first thing I do is make a site visit. I can't do anything until I've seen the space with my own two eyes. So much depends on the space! For this wedding, when I saw the farmland and particularly this garden with it's wide walkways, I knew we had to set up long tables in the walkways and serve dinner family style. The wooden posts in the garden were begging to be strung with cafe lights.

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