Cohesion, Yes. Exact Matches, No Thank You.

Isn't it much more interesting when things don't all perfectly match? I believe this to be true in vessels, floral arrangements, candles, bouquets, and boutonnières. I remember the first time I told a mother of the bride that the boutonnières wouldn’t all be the same, but yet a collection of different flowers that complimented each other.

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Zimmerman Events on American Express

Zimmerman Events featured on American Express: Employee Retention: 7 Signs of Employees at Risk for Quitting

“"It's best not to micromanage your employees," says Jessica Zimmerman, owner of Zimmerman Events and author of The Business Behind the Blooms.

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Why I Have Always Wanted to Work for Myself

Before Brian and I had kids, we took a month off and backpacked Europe. I remember someone telling us, "Enjoy this while you can because once you have kids there will be no more of this."

I've never been particularly good at listening to people like this, people who live their lives with such limitations.

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The Shortcut to the Long Game

What if I told you that five minutes a day, five days a week for the next six months could fill your calendar with brides ready to book for the next three years?

Let me tell you a story.

In 2011, two seemingly unrelated yet significant things happened. First, I bought a business that primarily served the wedding industry. Second, Pinterest launched and the wedding business changed forever.

I. Hated. Pinterest.

The economic downturn of 2008 caused tighter budgets, which forced many brides to consider DIYing their own weddings. Pinterest taught them how.

I know I lost a bunch of weddings in the early 2010’s thanks to Pinterest. I bet y’all did too. When I saw an empty bank account, I looked for someone to blame. I found Pinterest.

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Make the Sale EVERY TIME!

“I”m not really a sales person. I love my work, but I hate the sales process.”

Can you relate to that feeling? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that same refrain from mentees, friends, and fellow floral designers.

In my experience, it seems that women, creatives, and especially female creatives have a harder time feeling confident making a sale. They tend to feel apologetic, hesitant, and uncomfortable when asking clients to pay them what they’re worth.

Here’s the truth: if you can’t make the sale, you’re not a business owner, you’re a hobbyist. And you have a VERY expensive hobby. So what can you do to change those limiting mindsets, and confidently make the sale every time?

Here’s what works for me.

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