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BIG NEWS on my most requested resource of EVER!

Have I got a surprise for you!

I’ve been hinting at it for a while now, but I think it’s time to officially announce...


Yupp, the Zimmerman Podcast is coming your way November 2019.  Six months ago, I could have sworn I would never start a podcast. (One day, I’m going to learn to never say never. Whenever I do, I end up doing the very thing I swore I’d never do!)

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New Year, New Brand, New Site!

Hey floral friends! 

I can’t believe the day is finally here. The website I’ve had in my mind for the past eight months is finally a reality.  I’m so excited to have a home for both my wedding clients and education students. 

How did this whole thing come to be?

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Sean + Sydnie Wedding | Part 2

After showing you Sean and Sydnie's ceremony in the Part One blog, it is only appropriate to show you the rest of their stunning wedding.  Immediately after the ceremony, guests were taken to a hip and sociable cocktail hour, surrounded by airstream food trucks covered in greenery and lit with strung cafe lights.  After the sun set, guests were ready to get the reception inside the airport hangar. The towering airport doors slowly opened revealing the 900 square foot dance floor beneath an equally as grand ...

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Sydnie Ross | Bridal Portraits

I had the pleasure of traveling to Palm Springs, California with my client to create her bouquet for her bridal portraits.  The combination of her beauty against the drop dead gorgeous background made for some of the most stunning images that I have seen.  Not only are Sydnie and her family gorgeous people on the outside - they are the kindest, most loving people on the inside, too.  I love this family so much, and it was such an honor to be asked to travel with them for such a special time before the wedding ...

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Every single day I quit the same thing - I quit my work. Have you ever been home with your family and that little “ding” sound goes off notifying you of a new email? You immediately check it and feel the urgency to respond right away. While you are simply trying to get your thoughts from your head through your fingertips and onto the screen so you can press send, and your child walks over to you and says, “Mommy, look at…” only to be abruptly cut off by you with a response that resembles something like ...

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Moss Mountain Farms

Welcome to the blog

Hi! I'm Jessica Zimmerman, top wedding planner and floral designer.

Born and raised in Arkansas, I’m a proud wife and mama to a 6-year-old daughter and 4-year-old twin boys. A true believer in freedom, flexibility (and of course, incredible flowers), I’m wholly devoted to creating a life I love to live every single day–not just on the weekends. From travel to business to weddings, this blog is full of features designed to inspire other busy mamas (and businesswomen) to make a living from their passion without giving up their lives.

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Tune in to the Zimmerman Podcast!

AUG 8, 2019

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