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Cohesion, Yes. Exact Matches, No Thank You.

Isn't it much more interesting when things don't all perfectly match? I believe this to be true in vessels, floral arrangements, candles, bouquets, and boutonnières. I remember the first time I told a mother of the bride that the boutonnières wouldn’t all be the same, but yet a collection of different flowers that complimented each other.

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Zimmerman Events on American Express

Zimmerman Events featured on American Express: Employee Retention: 7 Signs of Employees at Risk for Quitting

“"It's best not to micromanage your employees," says Jessica Zimmerman, owner of Zimmerman Events and author of The Business Behind the Blooms.

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My Planning Client Contract

How to use this contract:

This is our exact planning client contract for 2018. I ask myself after every wedding we do, “What did I like and what didn’t I like?” For example, you can now see that we have a section in our contract with the heading “vendor communication.” We added this section so that we could be the sole people to talk to our client’s vendors

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Zimmerman Events featured on Magnolia Rouge

Savannah, Georgia was a perfect and stunning location for this bridal photoshoot! Read more and see more pictures of this photoshoot here.

“We featured Bailey's beautiful Arkansas wedding to James earlier in the week, and today we're back with these gorgeous bridals, again by Arkansas wedding photographer ERIN WILSON,

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Spring Arrangement with Holly Chapple and Tulipina

One of my favorite things about floral design is that every designer has a signature style. When a bride sends me an inspiration image, I can usually immediately guess who designed the arrangement.

While I think it’s so important to stay true to your individual aesthetic, it’s also so essential to learn from industry experts! You don’t want to imitate their style, but you might learn some tips and tricks that you can add to your designer toolbox and help you hone in on your own signature style.

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Zimmerman Events featured on Magnolia Rouge

This beautiful Southern spring wedding was featured on Magnolia Rouge with all of the inspiration and details involved! One of the most unique things about this wedding was the incorporation of their sweet puppies. Read more about this feature and see more pictures here!

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