Meet our 2018 BBB Scholarship Winners

The Zimmerman team has spent the past week reading each and every scholarship entry. There was an overwhelming number of applicants.  So many that 42 states and 15 countries were represented.

It really was such a tough decision with so many wonderful, inspiring, heart-warming applications.  As I read through each submission, it became clear that each applicant is hoping for help with very similar pain points. Here are a few common things I noticed that each of you desired to get out of the course:


"Getting clients. I'm really new at this. I mean really new! I'm nervous about putting myself out there. I just need that added confidence."

"I feel that with the help of your course I would have more confidence to take charge and work efficiently and effectively."

"I think this would give me the confidence of a strong foundation to build my business on and ease some of my passed anxiety."

"The biggest struggle I have when it comes to my business is...the confidence to know I am worthy of being a floral designer."


"My single biggest struggle . . . pricing and ultimately profit and growth in a sustainable way."

"Finding the client that fits us and our work AND wants to pay us what we are worth!"

"I see your course as a stepping stone in the right direction focusing on making a profitable wedding & event business. My goal with the Business Behind the Blooms is to become more focused, improve on sales, and gain more confidence when talking about pricing to clients."


"My biggest struggle is finding balance. Some days I’m just so into doing something for the business and I keep working on it intensely and would even forget to eat."

"These days, I struggle with finding a balance between being a creative and being a top notch, go get it done, business success. I know I'm heading in the right direction but I'm a dreamer."

I am so thankful to each of you who took the time to apply for the scholarship and to share your story with me. While I am thrilled to be able to offer three scholarships, my heart also aches not to be able to give every single applicant one. So many of you are deserving of a scholarship and it was nearly an impossible decision. 

Join me in congratulating the 2018 Business Behind the Blooms Scholarship Winners.

Jessica Zimmerman | The Business Behind the Blooms Scholarship Winner

Flourish Floral Designs
Nova Scotia, Canada

Lisa Telling

Lisa’s love for her family and florals was very apparent to us from the first paragraph. 

Lisa says, "I love my family, and I love flowers. I started my home based business 2 years ago, and it has been growing nicely. I focus on romantic, garden and whimsical inspired florals and view wedding flowers as the key decor element for the special day. I believe the ceremony is the magical moment for the couple and the reception is the celebration for the guests. I believe a marriage is more important then a wedding. I take time to pray for each couple getting married as I am making the bouquets. I want their love and marriage to flourish, hence the company name.”

We fell in love with Lisa's passion, but we ultimately decided to grant her the scholarship because of her unique situation. 

"I am applying for the scholarship because my amazing and supportive husband is stuck in an immigration process and we are living off one income.  We relocated to Canada after living in South Africa for five years for a safer and better future for our children, but currently we are stuck in the process. I think this scholarship for BBB would help me pop the bubble and stretch past my current limitations and help provide for my family while growing a successful floral business. It would mean knowledge, growth and forward motion. "

Jessica Zimmerman | The Business Behind the Blooms Scholarship Winner

Co. Offaly, Ireland

Sandra Conway

Sandra is an event stylist and florist in Ireland who, like many, has invested all of her savings into her business, but still struggles to make a profit. Feeling undervalued and overworked, Sandra applied for the scholarship to gain the knowledge she needs to bring in the revenue that she deserves. 

"As a mum of three young children, I am trying to build a successful business all by myself, but that growth has not come and I am starting to feel hopeless. "

We hear you, Sandra, and we understand what that feels like. It's such a gift to be able to give this young woman the opportunity to learn that you CAN financially support your family while doing what you love, AND feel completely valued and fulfilled. 

Jessica Zimmerman | The Business Behind the Blooms Scholarship Winner

Once Upon a Memory
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Angel King

After working three jobs to put herself through college, Angela soon realized that although she was moving towards a steady career, she was not moving any closer to her passion. Post college, she is working in the medical field, but the pull towards living out her dream has not subsided. 

"I want to create a business that takes a bride's dream and make it a complete vision of their perfect wedding. As a young girl, I always thought of weddings to be a fairytale and I feel like some people lose that dream. I want to make this happen for brides...I have a dream that I'm finding hard to reach, no matter how hard I try to get there. This scholarship would help me begin the rest of my life and start my career." - Angela King

Please join me in congratulating these winners, and welcoming them to our Bloomer community!  I cannot wait to see their businesses thrive and grow from the knowledge within The Business Behind the Blooms.  

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to everyone who submitted a scholarship application.  Your stories are incredibly inspiring.

Click here to learn more about The Business Behind the Blooms. 


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