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Jessica Zimmerman | The Business Behind the Blooms

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This is my course, The Business Behind the Blooms.  This is my business memoir that has 17 chapters, and over 400 pages.  Along with the course, you will get to attend three Bloomer-exlcusive webinars.

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From the author

In three short years I went from working 16 hour days to working 6 hour days, from meeting with clients I didn’t enjoy working with to only meeting with my ideal client, from a $1,000 sales average to a sales average between $10,000 - $15,000, from profiting $0 to profiting over $70,000, from paying myself nothing to paying myself a salary that supports my family of five.


what led me here


There are a lot of courses out there. I’ve purchased a few of them myself.

My course, The Business Behind the Blooms is different. It’s the things that no one really wants to talk about.


I’ve been doing wedding floral design for about six years now.

I spent those first three years making tons of mistakes and losing lots of money. Then I had my daughter and everything changed.


My business was no longer something I could play around with.

It was something I had to take seriously and figure out.


I’ve spent the past few years investing in my business to make it better.

I’ve attended workshops, purchased courses, sat down with experts in the field, and read many, many books.


I invested over $40,000 in educating myself. I applied bits and pieces along my journey.

Today I have a business model that works and that gives me monetary results!


I’m Jessica Zimmerman.

I own a floral and event design studio in a small town in the middle of Arkansas. The Business Behind the Blooms is my story of success in the wedding floral industry.

I’m not telling you what to do, I’m sharing with you exactly what I do.


Chances are if you’re a floral designer, you already know how to make a bouquet or how to process flowers.

This course isn’t about any of that. It’s not about the creative side. This course is all business. If you want to make actual money for you and your family doing wedding floral design, unfortunately creative talent isn’t enough. You have to know the business side.


Today I support my family of five on my income alone — income I make from my floral design business.

I own a 6,000 square foot building downtown and I’ve built an unbelievable team along the way. Three years ago, I never dreamed my life would look the way it does today. After a year of applying the principles I’ve laid out for you in this course, I began to see a huge change and even better, real profit.


“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”


I love that quote by Ralph Marston because it is so very true. It’s time for you to have a business model that works.


it's time

It’s time to make the investment in YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


What’s included?

  • How I book 99% of the clients I meet with

  • How I went from annually spending $20,000 in advertising to $250 and book more of my ideal client

  • My entire sales process, step by step

  • My complete pricing guide

  • How I budget for each wedding

  • How I create a beautiful proposal in less than an hour

  • How I make money on set up and delivery and the exact template I use to do it

  • My secrets to building a successful team

  • All of my contracts

  • How I went from spending hours ordering flowers to only a few minutes and the exact template I use

  • How I effectively plan for the year ahead

  • How I balance work with my personal life

  • A complete  list of all the resources I use

  • Three webinars exclusive to those who purchase

  • Full access to my team to answer any questions you may have along the way

  • Lifetime access to the course


What people are saying



I have been able to set useful goals in my business and with the help of her course I can achieve them. Overall, the resources and transparency Jessica offered blew me away!

Allison Edwards

Business name: Array Design
Years in business: 1 year

The return on my investment in the course was immediate.

Deb Riedstra

Business name: Deb’s Floral Design
Years in the business: 3 years


This has been a game changer for me this year.

Jenna Rayesky

Business name: Jenna Rayesky
Years in business: 2 years

Jessica has helped revolutionize the way I connect with my clients.  Within a few weeks of changing my consult process I have booked 3 dream clients!

Lindsey Kao

Business name: Fall for Florals
Years in business: 1.5 years


I have a new enthusiasm for the business side and have implemented some new changes into my proposal and sales process. I love that I can refer back to it at any time.

Linda Montuori

Business name: Blush Floral Design Studio
Years in business: 20 years in industry

This open and honest memoir style course is a must read!

Alaina Olive

Business name: Accents Floral Design
Years in business: 5 years


I went from paying myself nothing to paying myself a salary that supports my family of five.
— Jessica Zimmerman


You love what you do. You want to improve your business so that you can keep doing it. This course can help you do just that.


Have questions?

I get it. This is a big investment.

While I believe it's worth every penny and then some, I completely understand you may need to know more. I tried to answer as much as I could here, but you may still have questions, and I want to make sure they are answered before you pull the trigger.

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