New Year, New Brand, New Site!


Hey floral friends! 

I can’t believe the day is finally here. The website I’ve had in my mind for the past eight months is finally a reality.  I’m so excited to have a home for both my wedding clients and education students. 

How did this whole thing come to be?

Well, in April of 2017 I launched The Business Behind the Blooms for the first time. I learned

  • I had no place for BBB info. It was all in hidden links.
  • If I included with my current website, it would definitely confuse by brides
  • I had a lady who paid $1997 for the course and all she needed was my set up and delivery form. 
  • Bloomers were asking me if we could create a Facebook page so we could all communicate with one another and I very rarely check Facebook

So I dreamed up this site in my head where you could easily determine the wedding side of the business from the educational side. The Business Behind the Blooms finally has a home! While I fully believe The Business Behind the Blooms is by far the best value, I also understood there are some people who don't need all of it, they just needed bits and pieces. That’s how the Resource Hub was born. This is going to be a game changer for floral designers. Oh how I wish this was around when I was first starting out! Finally, I knew if I created an educational division on our site then I include a forum for all bloomers! 

I hired Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands and she has been a dream. From the very beginning she understood my vision and she helped turn this dream of mine into a reality. I wanted a strong brand that I can use no matter what direction my business takes and she nailed it. While I love everything she created, the main “Z” symbol is my favorite. When I first saw it, I immediately gasped because it was made up of three lines representing my three kids who are my everything. 



My word for 2018 is serve. I hope to serve you, my floral friends, through this site. I hope to send you new free resources every month through my newsletter. If you’re not on the email list, get yourself on it! I hope to give you true connection through honest storytelling. Most of all, I hope this site helps you to accomplish your dreams.