New Year, New Brand, New Site!


Hey floral friends! 

I can’t believe the day is finally here. The website I’ve had in my mind for the past eight months is finally a reality.  I’m so excited to have a home for both my wedding clients and education students. 

How did this whole thing come to be?

Well, in April of 2017 I launched The Business Behind the Blooms for the first time. I learned

  • I had no place for BBB info. It was all in hidden links.
  • If I included with my current website, it would definitely confuse by brides
  • I had a lady who paid $1997 for the course and all she needed was my set up and delivery form. 
  • Bloomers were asking me if we could create a Facebook page so we could all communicate with one another and I very rarely check Facebook

So I dreamed up this site in my head where you could easily determine the wedding side of the business from the educational side. The Business Behind the Blooms finally has a home! While I fully believe The Business Behind the Blooms is by far the best value, I also understood there are some people who don't need all of it, they just needed bits and pieces. That’s how the Resource Hub was born. This is going to be a game changer for floral designers. Oh how I wish this was around when I was first starting out! Finally, I knew if I created an educational division on our site then I include a forum for all bloomers! 

I hired Kathryn Duckett of Crème Brands and she has been a dream. From the very beginning she understood my vision and she helped turn this dream of mine into a reality. I wanted a strong brand that I can use no matter what direction my business takes and she nailed it. While I love everything she created, the main “Z” symbol is my favorite. When I first saw it, I immediately gasped because it was made up of three lines representing my three kids who are my everything. 



My word for 2018 is serve. I hope to serve you, my floral friends, through this site. I hope to send you new free resources every month through my newsletter. If you’re not on the email list, get yourself on it! I hope to give you true connection through honest storytelling. Most of all, I hope this site helps you to accomplish your dreams. 


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Hi! I'm Jessica Zimmerman, top wedding planner and floral designer.

Born and raised in Arkansas, I’m a proud wife and mama to a 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twin boys. A true believer in freedom, flexibility (and of course, incredible flowers), I’m wholly devoted to creating a life I love to live every single day–not just on the weekends. From travel to business to weddings, this blog is full of features designed to inspire other busy mamas (and businesswomen) to make a living from their passion without giving up their lives.

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