Embracing the Pause: My June Reflection


If you’re used to my monthly forecast emails, this one is going to look a little different.

On the first week of every month, I send out an email telling you what’s happening in the next thirty days. I’ll share speaking engagements, important dates, the Pin that got me the most traffic that month, etc.

I didn’t send out a forecast email for June. June 1st marked the first day of launch week for The Power of Pinning: A Wedding Professional’s Guide to Pinterest. From June 1st to June 8th, it was all-in, all day, for the whole week. I’m sure you got more than one email from me.

I didn’t want to overload you with messages from last week, so I held off on sending a forecast email. Instead, I’m now sending you a reflection. For me, most days are about looking forward. What’s coming next. I’m a chronic future-thinker (not that that’s a bad thing)!

But every once in a while, it’s time to reflect on the past. So this is me, embracing the pause, and reflecting on last week’s launch.

Have you ever been really, really sick? And in those dark moments when you’ve got your head in a bucket, or a pile of tissues the size of Mt. Everest beside you, or you’re counting the number of days you’ve been taking cough medicine just to make sure you haven’t surpassed the legal limit, you think to yourself…

“I will never take another healthy day for granted. I will never stop rejoicing when I wake up and don’t need to vomit, or sneeze, or cough, or run to the bathroom. Every day is a gift! If I ever feel normal again, I won’t waste another second!”

Inevitably, after a few weeks of healthy days, we totally forget that feeling.

I spent this past weekend recovering from last week’s launch of my course, The Power of Pinning. My voice is gone, which is fine really, because I never want to hear the sound of my own voice again. My team and I are tired. We worked so hard to get something we really believe in to people so that we could save businesses and change lives. And now we want to rest.

But before we do that, I can’t miss this chance to celebrate everyone who decided to invest in The Power of Pinning. I’m honored because it shows you trust me. I’m excited because it shows you trust yourself. Your ability to learn. To grow. To act like the business owner you really are, and make big changes today.

When I started my journey into education two years ago, I had no idea the reach I could have just twenty four months later. The Power of Pinning is now in the hands of entrepreneurs from Australia and the UK, the Bahamas and South Africa. It’s in Canada and the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. In Sweden and New Zealand, and states from New Mexico to Florida to Nebraska and Virginia.

I love thinking that as these students work through The Power of Pinning, their work will show up on your computer screen as you scroll through Pinterest. Through the next weeks and months, I’m so looking forward to the messages and DM’s I’ll get from POP students, sharing how their website traffic has gone through the roof, or how their sales have doubled, or how they booked their dream bride through Pinterest.

While I know these results will come and businesses will be transformed, I’m already so proud of the people who participated in launch week with us. So many of you learned how to show up as the face of your business. You decided to stop hiding behind a logo, and instead connect with clients face-to-face. I know that isn’t easy.

Many of you set aside limiting beliefs you had about what Pinterest is capable of -- and what you’re capable of. You decided to believe that you deserve to hit your sales goals. You deserve time with your kids, or with your friends, or by yourself (imagine that!)!

You jumped in, eyes wide open, to something that felt scary and new. And I’m so proud of you! Everything good, everything worth doing was once scary and new. If you can face those things with open arms, you’re gonna have so much good coming your way.

As I rest my voice, snuggle up in Christmas Pj’s, and head to the pool with my kids, just know that I’m so excited for what’s to come. For you, for me, and for Zimmerman.


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