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The straight to the point, uncomplicated manual you need to turn this FREE platform into a money-making machine.

6 easy payments of



A special note from Jessica


- STOP wasting time on Instagram

where your images stop circulating in a few short days and can't send brides straight to your website. 

-START investing time in Pinterest

where images circulate for YEARS, and clickable pins direct brides straight to your inbox


-STOP chasing inquiries

only to get ghosted and price shopped

-START consistently getting your work in front of brides 

so they're begging to work with you


-STOP compromising 

and working with clients who don't LOVE your work

-START working with your dream brides

who are willing to pay what you're worth


-STOP wasting hours 

trying market with yesterday's strategies


-START getting time back

with the wedding industry's soul-mate marketing tool


Are you a creative?

In the Wedding Industry?

Tired of chasing your ideal client?

Inundated with inquiries from all the wrong clients?

It's time to up your Pinterest game!



MODULE 1: BEFORE YOU PIN Build your Pinterest foundation. Set up your business Pinterest so that your website is linked to your Pinterest, and your profile works to get you local brides who recognize you as the face of your business.

MODULE 2: KNOW YOUR BRIDE Understand what your ideal bride searches for on Pinterest so you can meet her at every stage of her planning journey. Create pin descriptions, boards, and board titles that target that dream bride.

MODULE 3: LET’S GET PINNING Learn how to design beautiful pins that brides can’t scroll past and how to choose images that will catch their attention.

MODULE 4: AUTOMATE AND SCHEDULE YOUR PINNING Automate your pinning so you can save time and get back to the work you love. You build your Pinterest presence, and brides can access more and more of your content each day.

MODULE 5: GET STARTED WITH PINTEREST ADS How to invest in your Pinterest to cast a wider net and connect with more ideal brides with bigger budgets.

BEHIND THE SCENES of Zimmerman’s actual Pinterest Analytics

FULL ACCESS to Jessica’ s personal Pinterest Manager


Do you want more personal time? More ideal clients? More website traffic? More exciting inquiries?

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Pinterest is a visual search engine, not a social media site. 

What does that mean? 
It's not Facebook, where that one uncle posts weird comments on your photos.
It's not Twitter, where the Kanye rants about Lord knows what. 
It's not Instagram, where you play the comparison game, trying harder to impress your peers than potential brides. 

It's more like google, where brides type in what they're looking for and pages upon pages of results show up in an instant. 

and your work could be at the top of the page. 

The wedding industry is driven by imagery. You know that! Brides see images they like and they immediately connect. 

You have bride soulmates out there wanting to work with you, and they just can't find you!

Everyday, brides are searching Pinterest for work just like yours, but you aren't there to connect with them! 

The wedding industry's biggest untapped resource is at your fingertips...

I get it. You just do not have the time for another social media platform that's going to suck your time and energy and leave you with FOMO because your competition on the other side of town is always booking the clients you desperately need! 

But that's not what Pinterest is.


What are you waiting for???

A few of my monthly mastermind students shared their thoughts on the course:

“Hello and Happy Monday! Lindsey here from the Mastermind group that you and Kellie gave early access to viewing the Pinterest course. I’m fully diving in today and it’s so good! Simple stupid explains it right!

Anyone can do this and the videos are so quick and easy that they don’t lose my attention.

So much better than I was expecting! I had already set up my Pinterest business profile and I had to immediately change some settings based on the first few videos! This keyword research section is blowing my mind right now!

I had no idea it was this simple

on Pinterest to see the keywords that are searched by brides/people, and I’ve worked in e-commerce for the past 10+ years (and now that’s embarrassing to admit)!”


Everything changed when my husband unexpectedly fell ill.

As a wife and a mother to three young children, there was no more time for guesswork. I had to turn my hobby into a business, practically overnight.

I met with financial strategists, expert marketers, business consultants, and learned one-on-one from the best in the wedding industry. Through the process, I cracked the code on how to run a successful wedding and event business. More importantly, what I learned allowed me to have a life outside of my business, with the people I love most.

Just one year after I implemented my new business model, I landed my first six-figure wedding, filled my event schedule and profited over $94K (that means I had $94K leftover after all the bills were paid). There’s a big difference between making money and making a profit, and once I perfected what worked for me, I knew I had to share. This lead me to changing hundreds of lives and businesses through my course, The Business Behind the Blooms.

This Pinterest Course is the product of the next phase in my business: perfecting systems. Once I transformed by business into a profitable tool that served brides and students well, I knew I needed to reach more brides and more students. Pinterest was my solution, and it can be yours, too.


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“Anyone can do this and the videos are so quick and easy that they don’t lose my attention. So much better than I was expecting!



Read from students from ALL OVER THE WORLD who have found success through Jessica Zimmerman’s education


This is what I've been searching for.

teach me how to transform my wedding business


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