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Are you a creative?

In the Wedding Industry?

Tired of chasing your ideal client?

Inundated with inquiries from all the wrong clients?

It's time to up your Pinterest game!

This course will


TEACH YOU HOW to show up where your ideal clients are hanging out

GIVE YOU THE TOOLS you need to get people to your website

HELP YOU IMPROVE your search engine optimization so you can be found on Google

GET YOU TO STOP relying on Instagram for inquiries.

INCREASE YOUR PROFITS by getting you connected with bigger budget brides

DECREASE THE AMOUNT OF TIME you spend on social media strategy

✓ ALLOW YOU TO AUTOMATE STRATEGIES to free up your day while still packing a Pinterest punch


Do you want more personal time? More ideal clients? More website traffic? More exciting inquires?

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In late 2017, I made it my goal to crack the Pinterest code. I spent less than an hour on my own Pinterest profile before I realized I needed professional help. I knew I had neither the time nor the skill to understand the strategy behind my Pinterest presence. I also knew that Pinterest was the one tool that could put me in contact with my ideal clients, for both weddings and education, in ways I'd never before experienced. Not one to stay stuck for long, I decided to hire a Pinterest strategist. In the one year that we've been working together,

my monthly Pinterest views have increased from essentially zero to three million views per month (and counting!)  

Sometimes, numbers are meaningless. But in this case, those numbers have translated to website views, inquiries received, and clients served. In fact, I experienced such drastic change that I had many mentees, Bloomers (those who have taken The Business Behind the Blooms), and industry professionals asking me to share my Pinterest secret. This is the product of those requests! A Pinterest course written for people like me: Wedding Professionals who don't have the time or the brain space to become professional Pinterest managers. This course gives you the information you need for real results, without making you go through hours of coursework explaining the nitty gritty details. You don't need a degree in computer coding to get the results you need to take your business to the next level.

Learn from video q+a sessions, modules, and written coursework. These are the EXACT tools I used with my own Pinterest to grow my business.

What if there was a one-stop-shop to reach your ideal client?

I'm Jessica Zimmerman, founder of Zimmerman Events, floral designer, wedding planner, and business educator.

With nearly a decade of experience, I’ve helped thousands of floral designers, stylists, and planners transform their businesses from floundering to profitable. My first course and business memoir, the Business Behind the Blooms has attracted wedding professionals from around the world who want to learn the exact methods I use to continually grow and sustain my six-figure wedding business.


Get in on the introductory release!

This is the lowest price this course will EVER be!

A few of the ladies I lead in a monthly mastermind purchased the pre-order of the Pinterest course, so I gave them early access so they could give me their honest feedback. I just received this message from one of them:

“Hello and Happy Monday! Lindsey here from the Mastermind group that you and Kellie gave early access to viewing the Pinterest course. I’m fully diving in today and it’s so good! Simple stupid explains it right!

Anyone can do this and the videos are so quick and easy that they don’t lose my attention.

So much better than I was expecting! I had already set up my Pinterest business profile and I had to immediately change some settings based on the first few videos! This keyword research section is blowing my mind right now!

I had no idea it was this simple

on Pinterest to see the keywords that are searched by brides/people, and I’ve worked in e-commerce for the past 10+ years (and now that’s embarrassing to admit)!”


Everything changed when my husband unexpectedly fell ill.

As a wife and a mother to three young children, there was no more time for guesswork. I had to turn my hobby into a business, practically overnight.

I met with financial strategists, expert marketers, business consultants, and learned one-on-one from the best in the wedding industry. Through the process, I cracked the code on how to run a successful wedding and event business. More importantly, what I learned allowed me to have a life outside of my business, with the people I love most.

Just one year after I implemented my new business model, I landed my first six-figure wedding, filled my event schedule and profited over $94K (that means I had $94K leftover after all the bills were paid). There’s a big difference between making money and making a profit, and once I perfected what worked for me, I knew I had to share. This lead me to changing hundreds of lives and businesses through my course, The Business Behind the Blooms.

This Pinterest Course is the product of the next phase in my business: perfecting systems. Once I transformed by business into a profitable tool that served brides and students well, I knew I needed to reach more brides and more students. Pinterest was my solution, and it can be yours, too.


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“Anyone can do this and the videos are so quick and easy that they don’t lose my attention. So much better than I was expecting!



Read from students from ALL OVER THE WORLD who have found success through Jessica Zimmerman’s education


Read over 100 life changing stories ...and counting!


This is what I've been searching for.

teach me how to transform my wedding business





Still have questions?

Read our FAQs below

Do I need a blog?

Pinterest is a search engine that needs some type of content. It doesn’t have to be blog posts, buy you do need content. Here are some content examples: images of your service or product and/or portfolio galleries of your weddings. You do need some form of content but it doesn’t have to be a blog post.

How does pinning other people’s content help me?

Pinning other people’s content helps you in several different ways. One of those ways is by attracting your ideal client to your profile. When you share other people’s content and a pinner engages with it, Pinterest sees that you’re sharing content this pinner likes. Next time you add YOUR pins, they’ll likely show your pins in front of that pinner. Sometimes you may not have enough content of your own to share surrounding a particular wedding topic, but you know your audience loves that info. Sharing other people’s pins helps you bring that pinner into your space. Whether they engage with your website pins or pins you shared from others, Pinterest sees it as a positive engagement and they’ll make sure more of your content shows up in front of that pinner in the future. That’s just one of the many ways it can benefit.

I have a hard time with Pinterest because when I spent a lot of time working on it, I also found photos of my work being stolen constantly(like Pinterest was suggesting them as a similar post to me!). They would lead to some other page or I’d find my work on someone else’s website or in a blog with no credit. It was super frustrating. I found I spent more time reporting pins than working on mine. Have you run into this? any advice or tips?

This is a challenge that we face on every platform. Whether you share your content on your website, Facebook page, Instagram page, or Pinterest account, you’ll face this same challenge. It shouldn’t stop you from sharing your work with the world and with your ideal clients. Yes it is important to report any theft on Pinterest, but that is true for every platform. Pinterest is a powerful search engine and can be used to help showcase your work in front of your ideal client. The positive outweighs the negative and in most instances we suggest that you include some form of branding on any image shared on Pinterest. If you add your wedding images to your blog buy you don’t use Pinterest, anyone can still take that image and put it on any platform or website (which is why branding is important) buy using the internet to connect with your audience is hugely valuable and outweighs the negative.

When it comes to Pinterest, I suggest a proactive approach. Share a lot of great content from your website, build brand recognition and share your content far and wide. If 90% of your pins on Pinterest lead to your site and 10% are stolen, you’re getting 90% of that traffic and you’re building brand recognition at the same time. When you brand your images, you’re also making it harder for people to steal without it being known. Once your logo or branding appears across Pinterest, your audience will start recognizing it and you’ll begin building brand recognition across Pinterest. reporting stolen work is important and it does take some time, but the more you enforce it, the less likely people are to steal from you again and that is true across the internet. In the end, the benefits from increased traffic and audience engagement outweighs the negative on the internet.