Your Sensitivity is Not a Sign of Weakness

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I remember around this time last year, having dinner with a friend and somehow the topic of sensitivity came up and I said, "I'm sensitive."

Her response was, "That's really good that you recognize that and are able to admit that. Now you can work on it."

Her words were meant to be encouraging and I know they came from a place of love. The truth is I'm grateful that I feel things so deeply. I believe that feeling deeply allows for great inward focus, which has helped tremendously in growing my business. I also think it allows me to be more aware of what others are experiencing, which comes in super handy when planning a wedding. The truth is I don't view it as something I need to work on, but rather a strength.

I recently read the following passage and I thought it was beautiful and I wanted to share it with you today:

"Your sensitivity is not a sign of weakness. Your sensitivity makes you beautiful. It makes you different. It makes you unique. We live in a world where it's easier to pretend that you don't feel, and if you dare express that you feel, you become an easy target to be picked on and hurt. So, from a young age, you're taught that strength means hiding how you feel, or not expressing your feelings at all. I want you to ask yourself, if you don't feel, how can you truly love? If you don't feel, how can you empathize with the tragedies happening in the world? If you are sensitive to being disrespected, it means that you will not disrespect others because you know how it feels to be disrespected. If you are sensitive to being ignored or lied to, you will not ignore or lie to others because you know how it feels to be ignored and lied to. Promise yourself from today to be at peace with your sensitivity. Instead of trying to hide it, cherish it." - Najwa Zebian

How beautiful are those words?

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