The Loan That Changed my Business

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I still remember the day— it was only 3.5 years ago!— that I walked into the bank, sat down in front of a loan officer, and, filled with embarrassment, handed him my financial paperwork. I knew I was meant to do this business. I knew I COULD do this business.

The only problem— I was drowning from the everyday responsibilities. If only I could buy myself a little time to step away and to educate myself with all the resources possible to make my business succeed.

I sat there in front of the loan officer, trying to hold back tears as I explained my passion for this business. I remember it so vividly. He put the paperwork down on his desk and asked, "How much do you need?"

I said, "How much can you give me?"

He explained how he was authorized to give $100K loan without having to get approval from anyone else. He gave me the loan that day, and he said that he wasn't sure why, but he believed me when I said I would make this happen.

I am eternally grateful to this man. I recently told him that he will be our loan guy for life because he believed in me even though all the evidence proved he shouldn't.

I took that $100K, and I did exactly what I said I'd do. I spent the next year soaking in all the education I could from as many resources as I could. And today, I run a seven figure business.

There is nothing special about my story, except maybe the fact that I'm willing to share with you the darkest moments of it. I hear from people all the time with similar stories of believing they can do this work, but they just need some help in getting the education.

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