I’ve been keeping this a secret, but I’m finally ready to share with you!


When I decided I wanted to start a podcast, I knew I needed to find a sponsor. I wanted the podcast content to be free to you without costing me! I can’t invest hours and hours into this podcast without it paying for itself! I knew I had to make money.

I had seven or eight companies come to me with sponsorship offers, but I knew I had to say no. I didn’t use any of those products, and I knew I couldn’t share about a product I didn’t believe in, even if it meant for a paid for podcast.

There was one company I kept coming back to, mostly because it was a product I used first thing every day. Every time I pulled it out of my cabinet, I felt this nudge that I wanted to pursue this product for a sponsorship.

So I did. Basically, I wore them down until they agreed to sponsor the podcast. #powerofpersistence.

The product I use is called B. Powered Superfood Honey from Beekeeper’s Naturals. It’s basically an energy and brain booster.

I started using it because even after working with a nutritionist, working out every day, going to get IV vitamin injections, and sleeping eight hours a night, I felt so exhausted. I was ready to roll into bed at 4pm every day. My brain felt sluggish and my energy was non-existent. I’m a mom and a business-owner! I couldn’t go on like that.

After I started taking this B. Powered Superfood Honey, I saw a huuuuuge change. I could hang with my kids all day, my team was wondering where all my enthusiasm and good ideas were coming from (haha!), and I stayed fully awake until bedtime every day!

It was amazing.

Knowing how much I love this product, and how important energy is for entrepreneurs and moms alike, I knew I needed Beekeeper’s Naturals to sponsor Zimmerman Podcast, and they are!

We’ve officially secured a sponsor for our first season, and I’m so excited for this partnership.

If and when we do partner with other companies, it’ll continue to be with companies I use, love, and believe in.

That’s my little update for you! Thanks for being a part of the Zimmerman family.

If you want to check out what Beekeeper’s Naturals is all about, click the button below. You’ll receive 15% off with every purchase you make through that link!


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AUG 8, 2019

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