My Team of Strong Women


There's room enough for you. And the woman next to you, too.

I don't know what it is about women-- especially women in business-- but we often don't treat each other very well.

It's like we've believed the lie that there are only so many spots for women at the tippy top of the business world. There's only so, influence, prestige, confidence, acclaim…to go around. The scarcity mentality tells us that if "she" gets something, then I don't get that thing.

And it's just not true.

I lead a team of all women. Strong, smart, determined women who make me and my business better. They're experts in things that I legitimately will never master. I can't imagine how my business would suffer if I was intimidated or threatened by their gifts, or if they were too self-conscious to see what a role they play in my business.

Because we all know our strengths and how much we depend on each other for success, we're a stronger, happier, more purposeful team who can enjoy and encourage each other.

I wish this wasn't so rare. To all my ladies out there, there's room for you. And the kind of women you want to surround yourself with know their worth, and aren't intimidated by the magic that is you.


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Hi! I'm Jessica Zimmerman, top wedding planner and floral designer.

Born and raised in Arkansas, I’m a proud wife and mama to a 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twin boys. A true believer in freedom, flexibility (and of course, incredible flowers), I’m wholly devoted to creating a life I love to live every single day–not just on the weekends. From travel to business to weddings, this blog is full of features designed to inspire other busy mamas (and businesswomen) to make a living from their passion without giving up their lives.

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