One on One with Amy Osaba

This past September, our very own owner got to spend some quality time with floral designer, Amy Osaba.

Jessica got introduced to Amy by attending a seminar of Amy’s that was offered at the Atlanta market in January of this year.

After attending the seminar, Jessica attended her workshop in July (you can read more about the workshop over at The Bridal Theory) and fell in love with Amy’s free-spirited attitude and beautiful work. Since Jessica’s experience with Amy was outstanding, she couldn't resist on going back for a one-one-one bouquet class.

Laughter and a yummy lunch was shared between the two as well as quality time getting to learn how to make beautiful bouquets for our upcoming clients.

Ranunculus, jasmine, tulips, bay laurel, and many other beautiful flowers filled Amy’s studio. (Just in case you didn’t know, bay laurel is a favorite here in the ZIMMERMAN studio; it smells amazing!)

Amy is known for her asymmetrical bouquets. They are the perfect shape for the foraged + organic look Jessica loves so much.  There truly is an art to making these types of bouquets, and if it wasn’t for the one-on-one with Amy we wouldn’t be able to make these gorgeous, lush bouquets for our wonderful clients!

If learning how to make beautiful bouquets by Amy Osaba wasn’t enough, Jessica got her work photographed by Kathryn McCrary after her one-on-one! Kathryn is super talented and has such a contagious personality! Thanks to her, we have this amazing one-on-one photographed so you can see how great the experience with Amy was!

OH! And did we mention that Amy introduced Jessica to her now FAVORITE flowers? Snow on the mountain and hellibores make our bouquets beautiful every time!