Jessica's Christmas Traditions

Family traditions are what make Christmas. They are so meaningful and what make holidays special. Going home for Christmas and knowing what the traditions hold, just makes your heart so warm!

Our owner, Jessica, shared with us what her family traditions are and why they are so special to her.

While we may do extravagant weddings and events, I like to keep a minimalist tradition when it comes to décor. When guests arrive to our home during the holidays, they are met by a simple bundle of Christmas greenery hanging on the door as well as two bushes in urns that are changed out seasonally.
On our living room mantle, our stockings are hung and accompanied by an organic garland that I make. When it comes to our tree, it is the simplest of them all, which I feel has the most meaning to our Christmas. it has a Charlie Brown-esque feel and is accessorized by the ornaments that my husband, Brian, and I purchased on our travels. Every trip we have ever taken, we get an ornament for our tree. We have ornaments from Mexico, Antigua, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, England, Scotland, Costa Rica and more. Ornaments are the perfect souvenir because when Christmas comes around, we stop and remember the amazing trips we have taken together!
I also love ornaments that are meaningful and represent my family. When my daughter outgrew her very first pair of shoes, I had them bronzed and made one into an ornament. My very first Mother’s Day gift was an ornament of my daughter’s footprint. Oh - and we have more ornaments representing our sweet little dog, Sophie, than I can count!
While I appreciate those trees that have a color theme and are all decked out and beautiful, I love the fact that our little tree represents our family.
— jessica

on Christmas morning, Jessica makes biscuits and chocolate gravy for her family. She got the recipe from one of her dear friend's mom who she affectionately calls,  'Mother Curry', and has used the recipe every single Christmas morning for the past nine years! Here is the recipe for Christmas morning chocolate gravy!

3 tablespoons of cocoa

2 tablespoons of flour

1 cup sugar

1 cup of cold milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla

2 tablespoons of butter

-mix together the first three ingredients over medium heat. add milk and let it thicken. add vanilla and butter. serve over biscuits.


A few more of Jess' favorite traditions include really simple gift wrap, a holiday scented candle burning in the house, mailing out Christmas cards to friends + family and the most special of all, attending the candlelight service at her church on christmas eve.   

sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people
— nicholas sparks

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