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Here's the thing about success:
it doesn't happen overnight.  

Success is a long term game.  We live in a world of instant gratification. Just think about it:  How quickly do you become frustrated when the building you are in doesn’t have wifi? When the item you ordered on Amazon isn’t available for two-day shipping? Or when you’re downloading something and it’s taking forever?

There is nothing instant about success, BUT success is possible if you’re willing to have deferred gratification rather than instant. 

In December of 2017, I started focusing on Pinterest. I realized THIS is the platform that my ideal client (brides) are on the most and my education clients (wedding planners and floral designers) are also on regularly.

I learned up front that I wouldn’t start to see results until the seven month mark, but if I was patient enough to wait out those seven months, I WOULD begin to see a major increase in the traffic to my website.  

It’s June and I’ve officially been at this Pinterest game for seven months. Guess what? The results are remarkable!

received my May report on June 1st, and I’m going to share it with you: 

In May 2018 I had:

  • 1,119,955 monthly views on my Pinterest account (yes, you read that right – that’s over one million monthly views!)
  • 49,668 of those monthly views were engaged (meaning they are re-Pinning my images!)
  • 11,208 views per day on our website (these people were led to my website directly from my Pinterest account!)

Let’s just say seven months ago, I was NOWHERE near those numbers and I was getting practically no traffic on my website from Pinterest. 

BUT, I realized the sooner I got started, the sooner I WOULD have those big number results!  

So how did I do it?

I’ve been asked this question A LOT lately so I want to share with you my source. 


By Kathryn Moorhouse

Think of how your business could grow – where it could be seven months from now – if you started today!

More than Facebook, more than Instagram, THIS is where I’ve seen more growth and more leads than any other platform. I encourage you to get started today. Just think where you could be by Christmas and what that would mean for your 2019 year! 


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