Learning From the Past to Better my Business

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It really is amazing what can be accomplished with a team of people. The past two weeks have been full of meetings. I'm working with six different people from all over on one main project. As the leader, I get the blessing and curse of making the final decision, but I'm glad the people I work with are passionate, bring their own ideas to the table, and believe so strongly in their vision. There have been moments of strong disagreements, light bulb moments, absolutely not moments, heck yeah why didn't I think of that sooner moments, etc. But with mutual respect, listening ears, and open minds, we have been able to accomplish more in the past two weeks than I ever thought possible. There is so much behind the scenes work done by other people that no one ever sees. I am so grateful for the people I get to work with each day. I'm so proud of the passion and the dedication these people have for our one common goal.

I'm amazed by how many people try to do their business all by themselves. I know the list of excuses are about to start in the comments section so let me just say this: I have been burned by past employees. I have had an employee steal from me. I have been lied about to a community I love by someone I trusted in this business. I have had someone break their non-compete agreement. I have had someone try very hard to defame my character.

It hurts. Every single one of them hurts. But guess what? I learned from each experience and I got better at my job. I didn't let it stop me from finding the right people and building a loyal team.

One way I build a loyal team is by requiring everyone to sign a contract— even my day-of hires.

When you allow yourself to be supported by people who want to work with you, to help you grow, to bring their strengths to the table - your business takes a turn in the most beautiful way. I wish that support and loyalty for each one of you.

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