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In February, I got to take part in the Fleursociety Online Summit. I’m so thankful for any chance to share my story! As I often say, I made so many mistakes early on in my business journey. Whenever I share my story and what I’ve learned since starting my business, my deepest hope is that I’m saving others from making those same mistakes!

In the online Summit, I shared my story and talked about how systems and efficiency can lead to business growth.

Here are some topics I tackle:

  1. How to intentionally begin your day and start your work day with intention.

  2. How to reserve your most productive window

  3. How to STOP multitasking

  4. How to create deadlines and stick to them

  5. How to thoughtfully schedule your time

  6. How to take control of your inbox and eliminate email stress

  7. How to implement the “three day rule”

  8. How to outsource

  9. How to define boundaries to increase efficiency

You can still get access to the replays for this amazing online summit! Click here to get access to my session and so many other amazing industry professionals. You’ll receive lifetime access so you can revisit these educational tools over and over.

There’s no such thing as investing in education too early or too often. If you need to make changes in how you run your wedding business, this might be a great place to start!

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