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Last year, I had the incredible privilege of speaking to the attendees at Nourish Retreat,

an all-inclusive, luxury retreat for mamapreneurs looking to rest, connect, and create.


I was asked to speak on how I balance my business life with my personal life. It was an incredible joy to sit with fellow mom business owners and share my story, my struggles, and the boundaries I’ve created for myself in order to live the life I want to live. I personally think entrepreneurship can be a lonely thing. Throw being a mom on top of trying to run your own business and you totally feel alone. Speaking honestly about this struggle was a beautiful moment during the retreat because sometimes I think all we need is to know we aren’t alone. Someone else feels this way too!


I love the heart and the vision behind Nourish, founded by Lesley Frascogna of Tulip. Before the 2017 retreat ended, I was honored and touched Lesley asked me if I would come back and speak at the 2018 retreat. I of course said yes.

This retreat is everything I love! 

Nourish Retreat | Resort | Jessica Zimmerman Blog

If you think this looks beautiful, just wait until you see where we are going this year for Nourish! It is seriously one of the most beautiful resorts I’ve ever seen.

Click here to see for yourself!

Images:  Lauren Kinsey


I hope you’ll join us! 


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