beautiful bridal portraits in our ZIMMERMAN studio

Whitney says it best,

"Bridals are one of those things we do only here in the South… which is what make us different and fun. Alexa had a crazy schedule before her wedding, so we got together AFTER her wedding and shot some bridals. 

Here’s what I love about Alexa, and hope to see so much more of in 2015.

She wore her hair like she normally wears it – maybe with a tad more curl. She wore it down and let it flow, she looked like HER. It was flowy and  pretty.  and to top that, Her makeup was insanely gorgeous (thank you Lauren Crow) and she looked like HER. 

don't think  that your 'wedding day look' has to be a fussy up-do. If you normally wear your hair down and that is what your man has fallen in love  with - by all means, wear it that way. If you are afraid it will soften up by the end of the night, have a bridesmaid bring a curling iron and touch it up during a bathroom break, or toss it into a pretty pony during the dance party at the end of the night."

- Whitney Bower

These breathtaking bridals were done in our ZIMMERMAN Studio and came out marvelous! thank you Whitney, for all the beautiful work you do and asking us to join in the prettiness with our florals and space!