Surprise! I Quit My Day Job


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All my life, I knew I wanted to own my own business. To me, entrepreneurship meant…

Creating my own schedule

Working for myself

Being a present parent

Summer vacations

Instead, a few years into owning a wedding rental business, and I felt…



Unknown by my daughter

Disappointed in myself

And I knew something had to change. So I invested one year and $100,000 into my business and into educating myself on how to run a profitable business. Not only did that year revive my business, allow me to shift my focus to floral design, and set me up for a seven figure sales year, but it awakened in me a passion for education. 

A few years later, I launched my course, The Business Behind the Blooms. In it, I share every detail of how I failed at running a successful and profitable business, and what I did to right the ship. When I wrote the course, my only goal was to share my story. Once I started hearing from people who bought my course, I knew I had found my future. 

While I still work with flowers, most of my days are spent crafting business tools for people like YOU! My newest project: The Power of Pinterest. My Pinterest course for people who want to drive website traffic, connect to their ideal client, and increase profits. And I’m always brainstorming new ways to help you. 

Why does this (long long email) matter to you?! Next month, I’m hosting a challenge: Five Days to a Full Inbox: Booking Brides Who Pay What You’re Worth. I'm bringing along an amazing guest, and together we'll help you reach those elusive clients you've been chasing. Each day, we’ll be tackling one ESSENTIAL tool and helping you integrate it into your own business. I want YOU to be there. Why? I'm sharing the latest and greatest, most effective and time efficient tips. This is THE next step for wedding professionals and creatives. There’s no better way you could spend your time. And this challenge is FREE! What do you have to lose?

So tell me, are you a creative or wedding professional looking to find more ideal clients and make more money? (Who isn’t?!?) Are you looking to quit your day job and be your own boss?

Can’t wait to see you there! And don’t worry, I’ll be in touch soon to give you all the info you need! 

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Hi! I'm Jessica Zimmerman, top wedding planner and floral designer.

Born and raised in Arkansas, I’m a proud wife and mama to a 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twin boys. A true believer in freedom, flexibility (and of course, incredible flowers), I’m wholly devoted to creating a life I love to live every single day–not just on the weekends. From travel to business to weddings, this blog is full of features designed to inspire other busy mamas (and businesswomen) to make a living from their passion without giving up their lives.

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