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A couple of days ago I wrote a post about my marriage and wedding anniversary. I received around 40 direct messages saying something along the lines of, "I can't believe you would lose followers over this."

Here's the thing: I'm perfectly ok with losing followers.

Just like in everyday life, there are people who appeal to you and those who are disinterested. I actually look at losing followers as a very positive thing. It means I'm getting closer to the core group I'm meant to reach.

I view my instagram account like this: yes it's a business tool that I use to hopefully encourage other floral designers and wedding planners, but it's also the place I post things I personally want to remember. My post about my marriage wasn't meant for anyone but me. I'm always delighted when something I write about relates to one of you. I'm thrilled when you take the time to comment and let me know it helped or encouraged you. However, if not a single person liked it or commented, I would keep it up for me. I know one day Brian and I will be in a great place again and looking back at that post will remind me how far we will have come in our journey together. It was a post I want to remember and I just so happened to share it publicly.

When we were in Disney World last week, I saw so many people taking pictures and then immediately on their phones posting and I thought to myself, "I wonder if they would work that hard for that 'perfect' picture if they just kept it for themselves and didn't share it?"

When you begin to view your instagram account as something that is for you and not for everyone else, you're really able to have a healthy relationship with social media.

Finally I think it's important to remember that everyone is going through hard times in life. If you are posting about your gender reveal and someone is struggling to conceive, I can understand why they would unfollow. Anytime I post about my kids, marriage, or faith, people unfollow. It's ok. It really is.

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