Crushing the Big Goals: Forbes Feature!


Every year, I make a vision board of things I want to accomplish in the next 365 days. This year, on day 177, I got to cross off a BIG goal!

Ever since I started my business in 2014, I’ve dreamed of being featured in Forbes. I saw Forbes as the pinnacle of the business world. Being featured there would mean that my business advice and acumen was validated in a way that only recognition from a major publication could provide.

This year, after years of keeping my head down, staying in my lane, and busting my butt, my words of encouragement for business owners appear below that stark black and white Forbes banner.

It’s scary to write down goals. That’s when they become real, and that’s when we open ourselves up to feelings of failure and disappointment if those dreams don’t come to fruition. But if we aren’t willing to invite that fear of failure, then we limit the joy and excitement we can feel when we do accomplish our dreams.

If we don’t feel the fear and the risk, then we can’t experience full and true celebration! Without the risk of failure, the successes aren’t as sweet.

So I’m going to keep dreaming big. I’m going to set scary goals and celebrate big when I cross them off my to-do list.

My challenge for you is this:

That big dream you have? Write it down. Make it real. Invite the risk.

And can I ask you a favor? Check out this Forbes feature. Celebrate with me. Learn something. Then get back out there and keep crushing it!


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