Inverness Bridal Couture

If you have driven in downtown conway recently, you may have noticed some changes happening in our studio, which is something we're used to, having rebranded a year ago.

For the year of 2015, we rented out our studio space to various clients for weekly business meetings, photographers bringing in their brides to shoot in our industrial blank space, and even holding an intimate wedding ceremony.

However, our ultimate dream for our studio was for a small business to come in to rent the space and make it their own.  Our 6,000 square foot building is equally divided into two 3,000 square foot spaces, and after working in both spaces for the past year, we realized we only need half of the space -- the back half.

Recently, we were contacted by local businesswoman, Laine Berry, who was looking for a unique space to hold her new bridal gown shop, and we gladly welcomed her and her line of wedding dresses.  Our front space is perfect for her new shop for several reasons - Conway needs a bridal gown shop, and as a member of the downtown community, we feel a responsibility to have some window appeal, which her gorgeous dresses will be able to provide, and our empty studio space was lacking in that area.  

With these exciting changes, we at ZIMMERMAN are still located in the same space, we will just be moving our business sign to our court street entrance so that the bridal shop can solely use the front space, and our clients can use our designated side entrance.

please welcome the new bridal gown shop of conway:  Inverness Bridal Couture.  

Inverness has an amazing selection of designers coming, and they hope to be open for you mid-January.  

Below are some images of Inverness' gorgeous gowns paired with our signature ZIMMERMAN bouquets.

Jessica ZimmermanComment