Three Webinars: How I Place Floral Orders, Floral Installations, and Set up and Delivery Checklist

Three Webinars: How I Place Floral Orders, Floral Installations, and Set up and Delivery Checklist

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How I place Floral Orders

In this webinar Jessica talks about how her biggest time sucker used to be ordering flowers. She had an epiphany one day when emailing her wholesaler and from that day on ordering flowers has been a breeze. She shares with you her exact process step by step

Today, it takes me 20 minutes or less to place a flower order. Partly because I’m a big believer in delegating and partly because of the system we developed.

I never create recipes, and I always order under budget

Get a glimpse at the exact formula I use to order my flowers

NOTE: If you do not have a good relationship with your wholesale rep or your wholesale rep isn’t willing to do more than simply take your order and ship it to you, you will not benefit from this resource. This process works for me because I have a wonderful rep who enjoys being part of the creative process.

Floral Installations

Have you ever looked at an image of a gorgeous floral installation and thought, “How on earth did they make that?”

Well, ask no more... because I’m giving you the answers!

I’m telling you exactly how I constructed SEVEN different floral installations!

I’m giving you the tools I use as well as step by step instructions to each installation.

Set up and Delivery Checklist

When designing a HUGE event, the LAST thing you want to think about are supplies!

But forgetting ONE tiny tool can ruin an entire gig!

When you have no idea what unforeseen catastrophe will arise -- how do you know what to bring?

Trust me, I get it.

That’s why I created this handy SETUP + DELIVERY CHECKLIST to make every event a breeze!

In this checklist, I share my entire packing list that I bring to EVERY event - no matter what.

PLUS, I include the key points I add to my contracts to cover all my (often unexpected) costs!

Any task can go from stressful to effortless as long as you have the right tools.

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“Never have I had the prior ability to to be able to see this step visually until now. So many florist and creatives I think struggle with the business side because we initially are just that, creatives.”