Hi, fellow floral friend!

I’m Jessica Zimmerman, named top wedding planner by Southern Living Magazine, leading wedding floral designer and Founder and Creative Director of Zimmerman Events and Education.


my tell-all course

Love flowers, but struggle to turn that passion into profit?

In three short years, I went from:

  • Working crazy 16 hour days to 6 hour days

  • $0 profit to over $97,000 in profit

  • Meeting non-ideal clients all the livelong day to landing ideal brides like no big deal

  • Averaging $1k/month in floral sales to $36k/month

  • Not paying myself a salary to paying myself enough to support my family of 5

  • Losing tons of time with my littles (and hubby) to having more than enough time to love on my family and run multiple businesses


Curious how I did it? Business Behind the Blooms is my tell-all course packed with 350+ pages of exclusive, behind-the-scenes content, made-for-you templates and bonus webinars that lays out for you exactly what steps I took to transform my floral business from floundering to flourishing.


In an industry normally laced with secrecy, you’ll walk away from this 17-chapter memoir with A’s to all your Q’s and actionable steps you, too, can take to grow your bloomin’ business with intention. All in my signature simple, straightforward and down-to-earth way.

Balance. Proportion. Unity. Emphasis. You already know how to design. Now it’s time to turn that talent into dollars.

Ready to learn the business side of flowers from someone who’s been there, done that?

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