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Resource Hub FAQs


What is BBB?

BBB is short for the title of my course, The Business Behind the Blooms

Are The Resource Hub products the same as the content in BBB?

BBB is always going to be your best value. It has everything! There is more in BBB than is offered in The Resource Hub. BBB is the only place where I share my entire sales process step by step. BBB is also the only place I go into great detail about money, spending, and budgeting. Plus, anytime we update it, you receive the updated version. With BBB you get access to our exclusive forum, a positive online environment of like minded floral designers for you to ask questions and communicate with. Some of these products you will find in BBB.  See next question for a full list.

What products in the resource hub can also be found in BBB?

My client contract

My photoshoot contract

My hire out contract

My resource guide

My set up and delivery form

My client survey

I loved BBB, which products do I need now?

As you know with BBB, you received three exclusive webinars with me where we dove into topics you wanted to talk more about. I would suggest if there is an area you want to know more about, purchasing the web classes is always a good option.

What’s included in the downloads?

In the products you’ll receive a PDF emailed directly to you.

With the web classes you will receive a PDF emailed directly to you and on the second page of that PDF, you’ll find the link to watch the web class.


What if I don’t love it?

I give a lot of stuff away for free! Are you on my newsletter list? (click here if you want to be!) I send a new freebie out each month. I also offer free web classes several times a year. I would never want you to make a purchase without feeling good about it. I would suggest trying out some of the free things first. Get a feel if you and I are a good fit for one another. I think you’ll know pretty quickly if you feel comfortable paying for my resources after that. With that said, if you do purchase something and you don’t like it, unfortunately, we do not give refunds. All sales are final which you will see on the terms and agreement page when you checkout. I believe these resources are really useful and I’ve seen them help other floral designers.

Is there anything I need to use these products? I.e. software etc.

All Guides and Templates require a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader.  Your device most likely has an appropriate program already installed.  If you are unsure if your program will work with our PDFs, please do not hesitate to ask.  All webinar purchases will require an internet connection to watch the webinar.

Will you be adding new products?

Absolutely! If you’re on my newsletter list, you’ll be the first to know about new products!

There is a product I really wish was in the resource hub, but it isn’t. Will you create it?  

I’ll definitely consider it! Go to the Ask Anything page and let me know what you need.


Business Behind the Blooms FAQ


What's included?

Over 350 pages of content
3 live webinars (replay links will be sent to those who can't attend live) 
Access to our private Bloomer forum

Is there anything I need to use these products? I.e. software etc.

You only need an internet connection to download the program that we provide you to read the course.  You must have one of the following devices:  apple (such as an iphone or ipad), mac computer (desktop or laptop), android, or windows device.  The course cannot be viewed through an online viewer, only the viewer that we provide.

What format does it come in?

It comes in the form of a locked PDF.  You must be issued a license (which you are emailed upon purchasing the course) in order to view the course.

Can I print it?

The course cannot be printed.  This is part of the terms that you agree to before purchasing.  The reason for this, as I’m sure you can understand, is to eliminate a large group of people purchasing one course, splitting the cost, and sharing it with one another. That just isn’t fair to Jessica. The information in her course is incredibly valuable and this was the only way for her to share her ENTIRE story and keep it protected.


Can I have an additional license for my other device / my business partner?


Can I purchase an additional license for my other device / my business partner at a discounted rate?


What happens if my device gets broken / I upgrade to a different device?

We completely understand needing to update old or broken technology through this process, especially since you have lifetime access to the course!  

If, for example, you choose to have it on your computer right now, but you realize later on you would rather have it on your phone - no problem at all!  Just let us know, and we’ll be able to delete the license associated with that computer, and send you a new license so you can download it on your phone and do it there.

This same scenario can happen if your computer dies one day and you need to get it on your new computer, or any scenario with any device.


Mentoring FAQs


How does the mentoring process work?

Our Mentoring program starts with an initial meeting so that you and Jessica can chat about your business and how she can help you.  After that meeting, a custom mentoring plan will be be developed to best fit those needs.  All meetings are held via Google Hangout (which is like FaceTime or Skype).

How much is mentoring?

All mentoring is billed at an hourly rate of $400 / hour.  

Why is mentoring so expensive?

Because of Jessica's experience and the demand.  Over the years, Jessica has invested over $40k in education. She brings decisive clarity to each session and has a track record of her clients getting an excellent return on their investment in their time together. Jessica only works between 25 - 30 hours a week because she wants to be home with her family when they are home. In addition to education and mentoring, Jessica has her own wedding clients she meets with and therefore only has a couple of spots open per week to take on mentoring appointments.

How much mentoring will I need?

It is really up to you how much mentoring you choose to have.  Based on your first meeting and your needs that you and Jessica discuss, the custom mentoring plan will include suggested length that you should be mentored (because someone who only needs help in one or two areas would not need as much mentoring as someone who wants to revamp their entire business).  So, in a nutshell, this is an ongoing program, and it is up to you how long you are mentored by Jessica.