My exact email response templates for floral designers

My exact email response templates for floral designers


Includes: email templates professionally written by Jessica Zimmerman and her team!

  • These are the exact emails we use every day!
  • These templates save us tons of time so we can get back to our work rather than being chained to answering emails.
  • Easy PDF design so you can easily copy and paste and use these same templates yourself.
  • We highlight the keywords to interchange to make each email feel custom to the recipient.
  • Email is a major time sucker! How many times do you feel like you are answering the same question over and over again? What if someone created a template for you to cut down tons of time on this mundane task? That’s exactly what we’ve done.
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what people are saying:

I was spending way too much time on emails! Not only does Jessica teach you all of her mistakes but she gives you all the tools to make sure you don’t walk down the same path and to help you succeed.
— Cassie Rost

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