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What if you could bring home six figures a year with your wedding business?

I’m Jessica Zimmerman, founder of Zimmerman Events.

With nearly a decade of experience, I’ve helped thousands of floral designers, stylists, and planners transform their businesses from floundering to profitable. The Business Behind the Blooms has attracted wedding professionals from around the world to learn the exact methods I use to continually grow and sustain my six-figure wedding business.

I have taken my exact business model and transformed it into a time-saving course so you can learn straight from me no matter where you live. You will receive a behind-the-scenes look at the exact systems I use and learn how I profit from my wedding business and use it to support my family of five. This all-inclusive course features a beautiful 500+ page digital workbook, 17 training videos, 11 downloads, three customizable templates, access to The Business Behind the Blooms Facebook Group, and so much more.  

The Business Behind the Blooms is offered just once per year. Enrollment for 2019 is now open.


available ONLY once a year

Limited-time enrollment available now.


Does this sound familiar?

You’re a dreamer,

a creative, 

a talented wedding planner,

or maybe a self-taught floral designer.

And you’d love to...

  • GET STARTED I'll teach you the tried and true systems that I use to rapidly grow a profitable business

  • Create a solid foundation for your business that allows you to book clients, handle contracts and meetings, and do your thing with confidence and professionalism

  • Feel confident in your processes and procedures for everything from pricing correctly to landing the sale

  • Make more money pay yourself an actual salary, contribute to your family, and put profit back into your business

  • STOP chasing inquiries learn how to turn those inbox inquiries into paying clients, every single time

  • Book ideal, high-end clients who view you as a professional and pay you like one, too

  • Become known inside and outside of your community as a go-to floral designer

  • RECLAIM YOUR LIFE learn my streamlined systems to slash your work hours and have time leftover to spend with your loved ones

  • STOP DOING IT ALL yourself learn the importance of being supported by others, how to hire the right people, and how to establish your pay structure

  • BECOME CONFIDENT IN YOUR PRICING walk away with supreme confidence on what to charge, no more second guessing

  • STOP feeling stuck know your next move, and take your business from static to successful

  • KNOW YOUR WORTH learn the value of your time and feel confident about your pricing proposals

  • FIND BALANCE by creating a business that allows you to enjoy your life outside of your business with your family and friends

  • Learn how to say no to brides on an unrealistic budget without guilt

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Everything changed when my husband unexpectedly fell ill.

As a wife and a mother to three young children, there was no more time for guesswork. I had to turn my hobby into a business, practically overnight.

I met with financial strategists, expert marketers, business consultants, and learned one-on-one from the best in the wedding industry. Through the process, I cracked the code on how to run a successful wedding and event business. More importantly, what I learned allowed me to have a life outside of my business, with the people I love most.

Just one year after I implemented my new business model, I landed my first six-figure wedding, filled my event schedule and profited over $94K (that means I had $94K leftover after all the bills were paid). There’s a big difference between making money and making a profit, and I’m excited to teach you that and so much more!

The Business Behind the Blooms gives you all the answers you’ve been asking yourself when it comes to running a successful wedding business. I will show you my time-tested systems, techniques, templates, contracts, proposals, pay structure, pricing guide, budget spreadsheet, and so much more. I’ll help you gain confidence in your business procedures, show you how to land your dream client (even if you live in a small town like me), teach you how to manage your money for profit, and how to reclaim your life by setting boundaries so that you can have more time with your family. I’ve designed this course for wedding professionals who are ready to transform their business without sacrificing their personal life. 


Stop guessing what you should do next.


Shortly after I implemented my business model, I began making big waves in the wedding industry and people took notice. I received countless requests asking for one-on-one coaching from people just starting on their business journey to powerhouse names in the floral world. I had a waiting list of clients wanting to know what I had done. They were eager to know my secret to success and if I would share it with them. Every month I would open up mentoring sessions and immediately sell out. When budding designers across the globe in Australia were waking up at 4am to get in on a coaching call with me, I knew I had to teach what I had learned in a more accessible way.  

The Business Behind the Blooms is my time-tested and complete business model where I share everything I use to run a thriving and profitable wedding business.





Kind words from top leaders in the industry


“Jessica Zimmerman is an empowering teacher who exudes all qualities necessary for success."

—Holly Chapple, Internationally celebrated floral designer and teacher


"I've seen many creative professionals struggle to figure out how to make their businesses work FOR them and Jessica's wisdom and easy to understand strategies illustrate how to do just that. Her course is a must have."

—Rhiannon Bosse, Award-winning wedding planner and floral designer


"Florist hopefuls looking to create successful businesses would benefit greatly from Jessica's course, positioning themselves to work with top vendors."

—Joy Proctor, World renowned destination wedding planner and designer


How to turn those inbox inquiries into paying clients


A behind the scenes look at how to budget for each wedding to guarantee a profit


A step-by-step guide to money management. Learn what to charge, what to spend, and get access to my exact pricing guide


An all-inclusive guide to creating beautiful proposals


Effective tricks to cut your time in half and spend only a few minutes ordering flowers


The easiest and quickest way to make sure you profit on setup and delivery for every single wedding



what we're hearing from our students


"Life changing for my business and for my family."


"I have booked every wedding I wanted."



"It gave me confidence in my pricing."


"I have more time with my family."



"I hit my first six-figure sales goal."

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"BBB has changed my life, for the better."



"The best investment."




"I’m getting higher budget brides."


Plus, you get:


+ Full access to the Zimmerman Events Team

My team will answer any questions you may have along the way.


++ exclusive lifetime access to the course

Anytime I update the course, you get the updated version!


+++ even more special bonus content

You'll get access the BBB-exclusive
Facebook group.


Transformation Stories

Hear from past students


Learn the business model that is transforming lives


The Business Behind the Blooms has rescued many wedding businesses from running into the ground. It features my best advice, time-saving systems, money management, spreadsheets, templates, and more.

As a student, you’ll get access to everything, including my team. From landing your ideal client to bringing home a salary, I’ll show you step-by-step how to make your business a success.

The Business Behind the Blooms is viewable on any device, so you can go at your own pace and watch our training videos whenever you want and as many times as you want. As a registrant, you’ll have lifetime access to the course content, including any new videos or resources added in the future.




Read from bloomers ALL OVER THE WORLD who have found success through Business Behind the Blooms


Read over 100 life changing stories ...and counting!


Learn from the founder of Zimmerman Events, Jessica Zimmerman



Voted Top Wedding Planner by Southern Living Magazine, Jessica Zimmerman has mastered the art of designing and producing unforgettable weddings. She’s worked with celebrity clients and her designs have been featured in major media publications including People magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Country Living, Once Wed, Style Me Pretty, Cottage Hill, Magnolia Rouge, and many more.

In an industry full of beauty and flowers, Jessica has been described by both colleagues and students as the "missing component" with her business expertise. As she often says, "It's one thing to make a pretty floral arrangement, it's a whole other thing to make money doing it."

In a field that is often tight-lipped, Jessica's tell-all, tough-love approach has made her a sought-after speaker for the industry's top events. 



The Business Behind the Blooms is for you if...

  • You’re a self-taught or professionally trained floral designer who desires to make money from your passion

  • You’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to earn a living without leaving your littles

  • You’re a wedding planner dreaming about adding florals to your offerings, but don’t know how

  • You’re new to the floral business, but already feel like you’re working too hard for too little return

  • You just want someone knowledgeable to teach you the business side of weddings 

  • You’re a seasoned floral designer who is tired of working crazy hours just to keep your head above water and desperately seeking a better way to do business

  • You can’t stop comparing yourself to all those other floral designers you follow on Instagram and wonder why you’re not further along

  • You want some guidance re - evaluating the way you’re running your business, from pricing to communicating with clients


This course is NOT designed for ...


  • Anyone looking for a “how to” course on floral design. This course won’t teach you how to process or arrange flowers – but it will teach you how to make money from the skills you already have  

  • People who are not ready and willing to take a good, hard look at their current business practices and make the necessary changes


This is what I've been searching for.

teach me how to transform my wedding business


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