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Do I need a blog?

Pinterest is a search engine that needs some type of content. It doesn’t have to be blog posts, but you do need content. Here are some content examples: product images, images representing services, wedding gallery images, BTS images. You do need some form of content but it doesn’t have to be a blog post.

How does pinning other people’s content help me?

Pinning other people’s content helps you in several different ways. One of those ways is by attracting your ideal client to your profile. When you share other people’s content and a pinner engages with it, Pinterest sees that you’re sharing content this pinner likes. Next time you add YOUR pins, they’ll likely show your pins to that pinner. Sometimes you may not have enough content of your own to share on a specific wedding topic, but you know your audience loves that info. Sharing other people’s pins helps you bring that pinner into your space. Whether they engage with your website pins or pins you shared from others, Pinterest sees it as a positive engagement and they’ll make sure more of your content shows up in front of that pinner in the future. That’s just one of the many ways it can benefit.

I have a hard time with Pinterest because when I spent a lot of time working on it, I also found photos of my work being stolen constantly(like Pinterest was suggesting them as a similar post to me!). They would lead to some other page or I’d find my work on someone else’s website or in a blog with no credit. It was super frustrating. I found I spent more time reporting pins than working on mine. Have you run into this? any advice or tips?

This is a challenge that we face on every platform. It shouldn’t stop you from sharing your work with the world and with your ideal clients. Pinterest is a powerful search engine and can be used to help showcase your work in front of your ideal client. The positive outweighs the negative and in most instances we suggest that you include some form of branding on any image shared on Pinterest. 

When it comes to Pinterest, I suggest a proactive approach. Share a lot of great content from your website, build brand recognition and share your content far and wide. If 90% of your pins on Pinterest lead to your site and 10% are stolen, you’re getting 90% of that traffic and you’re building brand recognition at the same time. When you brand your images, you’re also making it harder for people to steal without it being known. Once your logo or branding appears across Pinterest, your audience will start recognizing it and you’ll begin building brand recognition across Pinterest. 

I really want to buy your Pinterest course, but I’m not in the wedding industry. Will this still work for me? I have a digital online planner (product) I want to sell. 

The content is geared towards the wedding industry so all of the examples are related to that. However, the concepts and the how-to’s are applicable across all industries. 

As long as you know their ideal client well, then it will still be very helpful for you. 

Can I get Rich Pins for my Wix website?

No. At the moment Wix does not support Rich Pins. A Rich Pin is a type of Pinterest post that provides more context about an idea by showing extra information on the post (like the price of a product or the ingredients in a recipe). If you’re thinking of moving your website to SquareSpace or Wordpress you will get access to Rich Pins. However, you still have access to other Pinterest post types like normal pin posts, video posts and carousel posts using Wix.