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Eight months later and I still have yet to find a regret in my decision to invest into The Business Behind the Blooms.

Raven Hill

Business name: The Botanical Studio
Years in business: 1+ Year

I feel 100% confident in the fees I am charging now.

Valerie Painter

Business name: Love Greyson Events
Years in business: 11 years


I honestly could not recommend this course more highly.

Erica Leigh

Business name: Leigh and Mitchell
Years in business: 7 years

When it came to running my business, I needed a boost. I'm excited to strengthen my business with all that I have learned and will keep growing through Jessica.

Heidi Rossiter

Business name: Mod Bloom
Years in business: 2 years


With your help and guidance, I feel as though I CAN make it as a business woman and I can succeed. I've learned a lot, I feel more comfortable, and I'm realizing my value as a person and a designer.

Jenna Secrist Griffin

Business name: Gold and Bloom
Years in business: 3 years

Take it from someone who has taken three courses before Jessica's and has watched numerous webinars from other florists, there is no need to spend any of your hard earned cash on anything other than Jessica's course.

Katherine Vandermey

Business name: Vandermey Floral Studio
Years in business: First year


Buying this course was the best investment I have ever made for my business.

Lindsay Johnson

Business name: Chevrons and Champagne
Years in business: 3 years