Jessica Zimmerman | The Business Behind the Blooms Success Stories

Anna Lee
Business Name:  Old Frond

BBB was a no-brainer for me. I have bought courses before, and while they were all beautiful and touched on a lot of design aspects, NONE of them were giving me what I wanted. I wanted the nitty gritty of the floral world - the business aspect. Pricing, contracts, hiring help...all of that (not so fun, but necessary) stuff! Jessica and her team touch on everything you need to know to turn your business into a well-oiled machine. It will be your business bible. Trust. I have already switched a lot of my processes around and fine-tuned so many things thanks to this course. I have booked three weddings in 2019 so far, and all 3 of them will have double my average profit of my 2018 weddings. I am motivated to go even higher than that, and with these processes in place I know I can. I've never felt more confident as a floral business owner. Jessica + team: thank you for sharing your business story so openly. I am forever grateful.


Before Business Behind the Blooms I thought that flowers would be a hobby, but couldn’t imagine that they would allow me to create a sustainable business. I’ve been in business for just over a year and thanks to BBB I am able to confidently quote my clients in a way that will make a profit. Understanding the general profit goals for each project that Jessica sets has enabled me to set goals that have started me toward a sustainable business. I am so appreciative of Jessica’s straightforward explanation of the way she prepares for the magic that Zimmerman is able to create.


Zimmerman Events | The Business Behind the Blooms | Testimonies

Sophia Billotti
Business Name:  SB Floral Designs

BBB is my business Bible, this course has changed my life and the way I do business. Four days after my purchase, I got my first 1st wedding and booked it!!!!! I made back the entire purchase cost of BBB. I was a new florist looking for someone to teach me the business of it all. It’s one thing to create, but another to know the business of it all. The Zimmerman Team has put something together so special and I am forever grateful. You guys have truly blessed my business with BBB. Thank you!

Maher Haroun
Business Name:  Florals by Maher Haroun

BBB is all the unanswered questions, answered and beautifully arranged in a way that brings me back to being that optimistic person who was courageous enough to start doing things on their own. I not only have what I learned from BBB but also a new family of like minded individuals who make this mission seem a little less daunting.

Zimmerman Events | The Business Behind the Blooms | Testimonies

Jessica Zimmerman | The Business Behind the Blooms Success Story

Rachel Fletcher
Business Name:  Carbon + Salt

As a self-taught florist trying to balance motherhood and business ownership, I felt stuck. I knew I wanted to be working fewer weddings with brides who made the time away from my husband and daughter feel worthwhile, but I had no idea how to get there! The Business Behind the Blooms has transformed every aspect of my business and my personal life. (I now actually have a personal life!) It has given me a streamlined business process and better boundaries for my business. I read the whole course in one sitting and implemented changes that very night. I hired to my strengths, I changed the way I view social media, and I totally revamped my booking process. I went from booking basically 100% of my brides, making no profit, and being burnt out, to booking fewer weddings, but choosing weddings I was excited about and financially and emotionally prepared to design. All of a sudden, I was running my business, instead of my business running me into the ground. In the process of implementing BBB strategies, I reached out to Kellie to have some proposal templates made. 

The proposal templates from Kellie make my brand more cohesive. My proposals now take half the time, but pack double the design punch. Aside from the aesthetic value, the auto-calculate feature is a godsend for someone who can't use both her left and her right brain and the same time. When I use these in conjunction with the delivery and set-up estimate form, I know I'm budgeting accurately, hiring the freelancers I need, and actually making money! I'm no longer showing up to weddings with half the help required, just hoping I have enough flowers, knowing I haven't made a dime. 

This course isn't a scam for the Zimmerman team to make money off of your struggles. They could be making any amount of money and it still wouldn't be enough considering how much time, information, and tools are available to us through this course and these templates. If you let them, these tools WILL change your business, and the benefits you reap will grow exponentially. I can't wait to see what this wedding season holds!

Magda Sobieski
Business Name:  Zuzu's Petals

I was having a rough end to my 3rd quarter and was trying to really prepare and rock this rut for 4th quarter. The first time I caught Jessica's webinar I knew we were floral soul sisters. Then she was offering BBB, and I knew I had to make mountains move to get this course. It was seriously the best thing ever, EVER! Just after reading BBB in September, I booked a $6k bride, and my average wedding was $2,500. And just last week, I booked my biggest wedding to date, $20k. I will also share that I knew I needed more guidance from Jessica, so I of course have been mentoring with her, and seriously it’s worth it in every way. I’ve been in business for 6 years, and always felt like a beginner with good progress, but now I feel like the owner of my business and I am crushing my goals left and right. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jessica and Team Zimmerman!




I can't say thank you enough for being the vessel that literally breathed life back into my new floral and wedding design business. The business savvy alone that you shared and the confidence you instilled in me as a businesswoman was well more than worth the price of the course (which honestly, I now feel is truly priceless), not to mention the wealth of other information that you threw in! Even though I blazed through the book as fast as I could consume it in the first day, I find myself going back to it weekly to continue soaking it all in. I have already seen an increase my profits- at the beginning of this course my minimum order was a measly $400, within 2 months I have been able to up it to $1000 - and I'm continuing to sign more clients with higher floral budgets than ever!

Thank you for your candor, your skills, and all the work that you put into this course. I can truly say that you have refreshed my strength, my spirit, and my bottom line at a time when I was really considering just calling it quits and deeming myself a failure. You not only showed me that it CAN be done, but HOW it can be done. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. 

Deb Riedstra
Business Name: Deb’s Floral Design
Years in the business: 3

Jessica’s BBB has given me a new confidence for my business.  I have already used her strategies in quoting, pricing and producing contracts for next year’s weddings and I’m excited to see them through. After viewing her webinars and using her techniques I was thrilled to have one of my weddings published in a Toronto wedding magazine!  The return on my investment in her BBB course was immediate. 


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