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Are you a natural at WEDDING design, but floundering when it comes to business?


Make a profit from your passion –and have a life, too!


Only on sale once a year.
September 10-14, 2018

Please note, residents of Arkansas are not eligible to apply for, nor purchase the course.  Thank you for your understanding.   Please click here for further explanation.

Please note, residents of Arkansas are not eligible to apply for, nor purchase the course.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please click here for further explanation.


The Business Behind the Blooms

A business course unlike any other, written in narrative memoir style, by a top wedding planner and floral designer.

Inside this tell-all course packed with 500+ pages of Bloomer-exclusive content, my exac templates and bonus webinars, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at my entire business model and learn exactly how I profit from my wedding business while still
spending quality time with my family.

...All in a simple, straight-shooting, relatable and maybe even funny way. No fluff.  Being real is the only way I know how to be.


If you’re looking to learn the business side of your wedding business from a seasoned expert who holds nothing back,

Business Behind the Blooms is for you.




What's included

See what's included in all 19 chapters!


Plus, you get amazing bonuses

+ An entirely new addition

My Wedding Planning process on how you can incorporate that service into your wedding business, too (over 50 additional pages)


1 How to add wedding planning

2 Meeting process

3 Deeper into monthly meetings

4 Wedding planning contracts

++ Every item in my Resource Hub

(which totals to an additional 30 downloads!)

  • 17 pre-recorded webinars

  • Fillable templates to make your business look even more professional to prospective clients

  • Every single contract I use

  • My Client checklist and Annual Planning checklist

  • Pricing Guide

  • Email Templates

  • A customizable setup and delivery form so that you never lose money on setup and delivery again

+++ A sneak peek at what you’ll learn:

How to book 99% of the clients you meet with (and how to meet more of your ideal clients)

Exactly how you can build a successful team

A step-by-step guide to building your entire sales process and complete pricing guide


Money saving tips to slash your annual advertising spending from $20,000 to $250

An all-inclusive guide to creating beautiful proposals and budgeting for every wedding

A one-stop-shop guide to creating beautiful proposals and budgeting for every wedding


The easiest and quickest way to make sure you profit on setup and delivery for every single wedding

Effective tricks to cut your time in half and spend only a few minutes ordering flowers

Share tips and experiences in our in our private forum, A community of positive, talented, and inspiring Bloomers


++++ Plus you'll get:


+ Full access to the Zimmerman Events Team

We'll answer any questions you may have along the way.


++ exclusive lifetime access to the course

Anytime we update the course, you get our updated content!


+++ even more special bonus content

A massive list of resources to get your business up and running.


including 3 live webinars with replay links, super snazzy sample contracts and PDF templates to book the clients of your dreams


Ok, I'm ready. I want in.

Send me the course now!





Read from bloomers ALL OVER THE WORLD who have found success through Business Behind the Blooms


Read over 100 life changing stories ...and counting!


Course Value = $16,010
(plus a priceless forum)

If I were to teach you the course through my one-on-one mentoring program ($400/hour)


Course itself =

Resource Hub Items =

Live Webinars =


Get access today!

BBB will only be on sale until September 14, 11:59 pm Eastern

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The FAQs


“Will this apply in my country?”

Yes!  But don’t just take our word for it, read our international testimonials here.


What's included in the Business Behind the Blooms course?

  • • Over 500 pages of content

  • • 4 live webinars exclusive for purchasers

  • • Access to our private Bloomer forum

  • • First Access to private mentoring sessions with Jessica

Who should take Business Behind the Blooms?

Stay-at-home moms, seasoned designers or any person in between who’s ready to dive deeper into his or her business and learn exactly how a seasoned pro turned her passion for florals into a profitable business.


Will this really be worth it?

Let me just say that The Business Behind the Blooms isn’t your typical course. It’s a tell-all, which means that I’m not telling you what to do, I’m telling you what I did and giving you the tools to adapt it to work for you. Even if you've invested in several florist courses and spent thousands of dollars on online education (hand up right here–been there!), I guarantee The Business Behind the Blooms has something in it for you.

Is this just for floral designers?

Yes–and no! While I created this course with floral designers in mind, even if your business is not specifically floral design (but rather another wedding-related biz), there are tons of techniques and tools I bring up in BBB–including boundaries, contracts, and systems–that are totally applicable to any business owner!  


Do I need anything special to access and use Business Behind the Blooms?

Nope! You’ll only need an internet connection to download the program and complete the course. A mobile device (such as an iPad or Android phone), and a computer (desktop or laptop) are a must have.

What format does it come in?

Business Behind the Blooms comes in the form of a locked PDF. You must be issued a license (we’ll email you upon purchasing the course) to view the course.


Is BBB available in any language outside of English?

At this time, no. But maybe in the future!

Can I print it?

Currently, the course cannot be printed. This is part of the terms you agree to before purchasing. We stand by our course and believe the information in the Business Behind the Blooms is incredibly valuable. We found this was the only way for us to share our ENTIRE story and keep its value preserved.


Can I have an additional license for my other device / my business partner?

Unfortunately, we’re only able to offer one license per sign up. For additional licenses, you’ll have to sign up for the course again.

What happens if my device gets broken / I upgrade to a different device?

We completely understand needing to update old or broken technology through this process, especially since you have lifetime access to the course!  If, for example, you choose to have it on your computer right now, but realize later on you’d rather have it on your phone—no problem at all! Just let us know, and we’ll be able to delete the license associated with your primary device, and send you a new license to download the course onto your second device.


Go Behind the Scenes of My Multi-Six Figure Floral Design Business–in an Easy-to-Devour Digital Format

In an industry normally laced with secrecy, you’ll walk away from this 17-chapter PDF memoir with A’s to all your Q’s, exact processes & procedures and specific, actionable steps to actually help you grow your bloomin’ business with intention.

You’ll also receive concrete communication techniques for staying in control of client conversations, tools to create solid brand/foundation for your floral business and all the tools you need to make the changes you need to create a floral business that you love.

Plus, you’ll get straight-talk on all things pricing, budgeting, and charging what you’re worth, so you book your ideal brides with confidence.

Sometimes, we just need someone to tell us what works and break down how they do things.

That’s what The Business Behind the Blooms is all about.

Flowers can be your livelihood without being your life. Business Behind the Blooms will show you the way.


I’ve heard the same story time and time again from struggling floral designers.


You’re incessantly thinking stuff like:

“I’m so confident when it comes to making arrangements. Why am I not more confident at sales?”

“What should I charge? How do I price set up and delivery?”

“How do I market myself?”

“Maybe if I just spend more money here or there…”

“This isn’t working. Maybe I should just give it up already.”


And as a result:

You’re toiling away longer hours than you should (or want to)...

You’re slaving away at high-end jobs with low budgets and ending the day in tears due to sheer exhaustion...

You’re missing opportunities to make the money you deserve left and right…

You’re answering calls and emails at all times of the day and spending more time talking to your brides than your family–and still not feeling appreciated or respected…

You feel like you're failing as a mom and a businesswoman….

Basically? You’re at your wit’s end. Because while you love floral design, you love your family more.  And if you can’t enjoy both at the same time, what’s the point?


The good news is you already know how to make a bouquet and process flowers. That’s not the problem.

What you really need to learn to do is run an actual floral design business.

So, if you’re ready to make a major change, treat your business like a business with solid foundations and processes and earn an actual profit from your passion….

...I’m here to tell you exactly how I did it.

You bring the passion, I’ll bring the knowledge to turn it into cash money, honey.

Sound like a fair trade?


The Business Behind the Blooms features:


Expert advice

Expert advice, guidance and instruction from Jessica Zimmerman, top wedding planner and floral designer


extensive content

500+ pages of beautifully-designed, value-packed content on how to run a profitable floral design business


bonus webinars

4 Bloomer-exclusive live webinars with replay links, accessible on any device


private forum

Access to our private Bloomer forum to connect with fellow floral designers from around the globe


team access

24/7 connectivity to the Zimmerman Events team for questions, comments, concerns and ongoing feedback long after the course is over



A massive list of resources to get your business up and running


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Learn straight from Jessica Zimmerman

Renowned wedding planner, floral designer and expert business educator

Named a top wedding planner by Southern Living magazine, Jessica has a keen eye for design and a love for both business and bridal everything. In just three short years, she went from $0 in profit to over $70k. Today, she’s the sole breadwinner for her family of five–and her floral design business alone continues to regularly gross approx. $XXXX a month.

Jessica’s stellar work has also been featured in PEOPLE magazine, Cottage Hill, ONCE WED and other well-known publications.

Insider her signature course, The Business Behind the Blooms, Jessica provides step-by-step guidance that helps hundreds of struggling floral designers every single year. Past participants have used the smart-yet-simple strategies inside Business Behind the Blooms to book their first weddings within days of purchase (and ultimate dream weddings within months!), increase their client consultation conversion rates by up to 100% and easily make back their investment–and then some. Not to mention, completely transform their lives on both a professional and personal level.

Business Behind the Blooms opens for enrollment just once per quarter

light beige.png

I get it. I used to be the exact same way!

Hi, I’m Jessica Zimmerman, wedding planner + floral designer and founder of Zimmerman Events and Education. Named a top wedding planner by Southern Living magazine, I’ve built a multi-six figure business in floral design in just three short years.

I went from working 16 hour days to working 6 hour days, from meeting with clients I didn’t enjoy working with to only meeting with my ideal client, from $1,000/mo sales average to a sales average around $36k/mo and from profiting $0 to profiting over $70,000.


Oh, and from paying myself nothing to paying myself a salary that supports my family of five.

I also own a 6,000 square foot office, employ an unbelievable team and only work about 25-30 hours a week, every week.

Did I mention I do all this from my small town in Arkansas, not some major metropolis? Yep, that, too.

But just three years ago, I never could’ve dreamed my life would look the way it does today. 

Don’t get me wrong: My wedding biz always looked peachy...on the outside. But the truth was, I was overworked and underpaid. Technically, I made killer money, but every penny I pulled in seemed to get sucked right back out. Sure, I might bank a $30k month, but my expenses were so high I never saw a dime.

But as a wife and mother to a two-year-old girl and newborn twin boys, everything changed when my husband unexpectedly fell ill and was in and out of the hospital.

My husband’s illness was my breaking point.

I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I was if I wanted to truly succeed in the wedding floral industry–and support (let alone spend time with) my family. I knew I had to get serious about my business. I knew I needed to simplify, streamline and get clarity on what I really wanted.

I knew I had to slow down to speed up.

My days of working tirelessly like a madwoman had to come to an end. My wedding biz wasn’t all hearts and flowers...and the jig was finally up.

I mean, I had babies and a family to care for. I really didn’t have a choice. And I didn’t have the option to not succeed. I had to figure it out.

So, I went back to the drawing board and started looking at my business from scratch.  I spent about $100k on education. I read #allthebooks, took #allthecourses and went to #alltheevents.

And then, I did. I figured it out. I found–created–a business and business model that worked perfectly for me.


And in just one year, I went from zero dollars in profit to $70k in profit.


I saw my sales skyrocket into the $36k/mo range. And I went from seeing tumbleweeds in my “profit” chart to owning a blossoming floral biz I was proud and excited to run.

Today, things are even better than I could’ve ever imagined. I run a multiple six-figure business, regularly book out my floral services months and years in advance, charge xxxxx and you bet I always pay myself a salary.

Honestly, though, the most important part now is that I have a life outside my business.

I’m around to love on my littles on lazy Sunday afternoons, get to those 3pm pick-ups on time, treat my whole family to several vacations a year (preferably with white, sandy beaches, but #details) and you know, even enjoy the occasional white-wine-on-some-local-patio night with my best friends or the hubby.

In retrospect, I believe I learned the hard way there’s a difference between making money and making a profit–and working to live or living to work–so you don’t have to.

So, if you’re a fellow floral designer who’s struggling, who feels wildy alone, who can’t help but wonder if you’re working way too hard for way too little and who’s rapidly losing time with your family you can’t get back…

I get it. And it’s exactly why I created the Business Behind the Blooms.