meet the team




Jessica is the owner and lead designer of ZIMMERMAN. After purchasing the company in 2011, she has taken the business to a whole new level. Jessica’s favorite moment of any event is seeing the design come to life and even the smallest of details come together. She likes to wake up in the morning with an iced tea and spends most of her freetime with her husband and daughter exploring the farmers market or sliding down slides. If Jessica were a flower she would be a ranunculus – dancing through life and excited about the journey. 




Kellie is the glue that holds the ZIMMERMAN team together! She handles all things logistics and client relations. Kellie joined ZIMMERMAN in 2013 and keeps the place running like a well-oiled machine. Kellie’s favorite moment of an event is the final touches – straightening linens, placing centerpieces and arranging candles. (see why she is an irreplaceable part of the team?!) Kellie likes to wake up to a warm, flavorful coffee and can be found in her free time watching her favorite movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. So much of her nature can be credited to the influence of strong, confident women who inspire her to be comfortable and confident in her own skin. If Kellie were a flower she would be a blush peony – classic beauty.  




Danae is the newest member of the ZIMMERMAN team, joining us in 2014. She is our resident problem solver, which not only comes in handy when packing up the van on event day, but also when figuring out the logistics behind an installation we've dreamed up (and boy can we dream up some doozies)! Her favorite moment of an event comes at the end when everything is complete and has come together, the stress is gone and everyone is happy! Danae likes to wake up in the morning with black iced coffee and spends her free time exploring with her hubby and their dog. She credits her hard working attitude and generous spirit to her grandfather whom she watched display these characteristics in every aspect of his daily life. Her love for challenging situations and way of finding creative solutions to most any problem make her an irreplaceable part of the ZIMMERMAN team! If Danae were a flower, she would be a scabiosa because "anything can be solved with a good scabiosa".


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