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Arriving March 1st

A home for all bloomers!


Hey bloomers! The one question I said no to again and again was "Will you create a Facebook page so we can all keep in touch?"


The truth is I don't check Facebook very often and I didn't want our bloomer family to be on a platform that I didn't own myself. I wanted to wait until I could do it and do it right.

The forum will officially open March 1st! This is a home for the bloomer community (aka the folks who purchase The Business Behind the Blooms). This will be a place where you can come and find community with others who have read the same material as you. This will be a place for encouragement and support.

Most people don't put forums on their own sites because it takes a lot of time and money to create, but you guys are worth it and I want to give this to you. There should be a place where likeminded floral designers can come and feel comfortable. I wanted to make that this place.

This forum will only be available to bloomers. If you want in, you'll need to purchase The Business Behind the Blooms when it launches again on March 2nd! 

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This private forum is just one more bonus I've dreamed up for my comprehensive floral business course!


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