Stop Losing Money: My 2019 Setup and Delivery Form

Stop Losing Money: My 2019 Setup and Delivery Form


Ever wonder if you’re actually making money on setup and delivery? Even worse, know you’re not but don’t know what to do about it?

With this customizable, fillable, easy-to-use form, never second-guess yourself and save yourself hours!

See how to...

  • ALWAYS make money on setup and delivery

  • Use one form for every wedding proposal

  • educate your client so they understand the how and why behind wedding-day delivery costs

  • Ensure you always have the day-of help you need, including vehicles, food, and contract labor

Note: This product works best if opened in Adobe Reader/Acrobat Pro. The customizable forms MUST be opened in Adobe InDesign to be utilized.

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what people are saying:

Long gone are the complex hours of trying to figure out setup and delivery costs. This document has been a game changer for my business. Now I am able to just plug in all of the data and it is calculated for me in a matter of minutes.
— Valerie Painter

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