The Business Behind the Blooms

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What's included?

  • How I book 99% of the clients I meet with
  • How I went from $20,000 in advertising to $250 and book my ideal client
  • My entire sales process, step-by-step
  • All of my pricing
  • How I budget for each wedding
  • How I create a beautiful proposal in less than an hour
  • How I make money on set-up and delivery + the exact template I use to do it
  • My secrets to building a successful team
  • All of my contracts
  • How I went from spending hours ordering flowers to only a few minutes + the exact template I use
  • How I effectively plan for the year ahead
  • How I balance work with my personal life
  • A complete list of all the resources I use
  • Three webinars exclusive to those who purchase
  • Full access to my team to answer any questions you may have along the way
  • Lifetime access to the course

A look inside the course