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Your Biggest Business Mistake

When I share with creative entrepreneurs in webinars, through my course, or in individual or small group mentoring calls, we inevitably talk about building your business team. This is the one thing that most entrepreneurs fail to prioritize and it’s the one thing that I think is absolutely essential to make your business grow.

Until you make your first effective hire, you are limiting the profit potential of your business. I 100% guarantee it.

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Blue Bouquet Guest Blog: How I Stay Calm Under Wedding Day Pressure

I am so pleased that the blog I previously wrote titled “How I Stay Calm Under Wedding Day Pressure” hit home with so many. And I am honored that Blue Bouquet wanted to feature this on her own blog.

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My Florabundance Full-Circle Moment

A few weeks ago, I got to speak at Florabundance Design Days in California and share the podium with some of the most respected designers in the industry.

Speaking at the conference marked a huge full-circle moment for me.

Four years ago, I signed up to attend the Florabundance Design Days conference. This was right after I decided to rebrand, changing my focus from event rentals under the name A Southern Tradition and instead focus solely on flowers, under my own name, Zimmerman Events. I had never been more excited about my business, and I could not wait to learn from the speakers who were going to be there.

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The Importance of Building Community

If you’ve read my posts this past month, you know that we’ve been talking about creating community in our local wedding industries. It’s something we all crave, but seems so dang hard to actually put into practice.

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Violet Rose Guest Blog: The Lonely Side of Entrepreneurship

The blog I previously wrote, “The Lonely Side of Entrepreneurship” has gotten so much love, and I am so thankful Violet Rose wanted to share it on her blog too, to spread the encouragement!

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