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Quarterly Reviews | How to use them to your advantage

I had a conversation with one of my mentoring clients that really stuck with me. She has so many great ideas. Her mind is racing in 17 different directions. She’s wondering what her next step should be. Does this sound familiar? I used to be the exact same way! 

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Success is a Mindset

I’m often asked questions like, “How do you get so much done in a day?” or “How did you become successful?” 

Truth be told, I inherited a couple of good traits that might be working well together. My maternal grandfather was a dreamer. He was one of those guys who dreamed up crazy big dreams, but never saw them through. He was a writer, a storyteller, and had an incredible imagination. My paternal grandfather was a determined, hardworking man. He was stubborn in the best way possible. He would never let anything or anyone get in his way.

My Dad said to me once, “You’re a dreamer like your Granddaddy and determined like your Pappy, one way or another you’ll be successful.”

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Don’t wish for what you’re not prepared for.

Four years ago, I attended my floral idol’s workshop. I remember sitting in the front row soaking in every single word she said, writing down notes like a crazy woman, asking questions like my life depended on it, and seeing images of her beautiful work as they displayed on the screen in front of me.

I remember thinking, “I wish I could be like her. I wish I could do events like she does. I wish could have big budget clients like she has.”

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Last year, I had the incredible privilege of speaking to the attendees at Nourish Retreat, an all-inclusive, luxury retreat for mamapreneurs looking to rest, connect, and create. 

I was asked to speak on how I balance my business life with my personal life. It was an incredible joy to sit with fellow mom business owners and share my story, my struggles, and the boundaries I’ve created for myself in order to live the life I want to live. I personally think entrepreneurship can be a lonely thing. Throw being a mom on top of trying to run your own business and you totally feel alone. Speaking honestly about this struggle was a beautiful moment during the retreat because sometimes I think all we need is to know we aren’t alone. Someone else feels this way too!

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"How did you know you were ready?"

My Great-Uncle Buck was a successful, self-made businessman. He grew up on a farm in Arkansas and later moved to Seattle with his wife, Lou. He started out dirt poor working in construction. Later, he began investing in storage units, then office rental properties, and eventually became a self-made millionaire. You would never know it. He wore the same pair of Levi’s jeans and denim shirt every single day of his life. He knew what was important in life, and it wasn’t flashy, material things.

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I'm Still Here

I checked my Instagram messages this morning, and you guys are so sweet to check in on me. Yes, I'm fine. There are a couple of reasons I've not been posting...

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Hi! I'm Jessica Zimmerman, top wedding planner and floral designer.

Born and raised in Arkansas, I’m a proud wife and mama to a 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old twin boys. A true believer in freedom, flexibility (and of course, incredible flowers), I’m wholly devoted to creating a life I love to live every single day–not just on the weekends. From travel to business to weddings, this blog is full of features designed to inspire other busy mamas (and businesswomen) to make a living from their passion without giving up their lives.

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