This whimsical bridal session is one of my all-time favorites. Ashley, the bride, has an adventurous heart and wild wanderlust, and thus chose to marry her groom in Ireland. Before the wedding, we chose to photograph her bridal session with the Irish landscape in mind - you would never know that this was photographed in Arkansas! Ashley’s gorgeous Watters gown was so dreamy and flowed beautifully in the wind. Combined with her one-of-a-kind blue cape, she was one stunning bride! Her cape was hand-sewn by her aunt to keep her warm in the cool Ireland air, and it matched perfectly with her beautiful blue eyes. She almost looked like a Game of Thrones princess! To add a cherry on top, the simple, organic flower crown and bouquet that Zimmerman created tied the entire look up perfectly. I am so in love with this session!
— Photographer kati mallory

How gorgeous are these bridals that were shot by the lovely kati mallory?! this bride wanted the look of wanderlust not just because, well...( who dosen't love the wanderlust look) but because her wedding was in ireland. Yep. you heard it- Ireland!! this look with the soft and organic colors made it seem that these bridals were taken in the beautiful land of ireland. 

glancing at this enticing look and wandering how kati and jessica arranged these bridals is simple! pairing a  winter, blue coat with a whispy-feel head wreath, granted the oh-so-eye-catching look! we are so excited that jessica got to create the bouquet and stunning head wreath for these bridals.

Thanks again, kati mallory for the beautiful work and for including us!