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What if you could make six figures a year with your wedding business?

Inside her signature course, The Business Behind the Blooms, Jessica provides step-by-step guidance that helps struggling floral designers and wedding professionals every single year.

Enrollment opens only once a year


Watch this video to hear how The Business Behind the Blooms has changed the lives of business owners just like you!

Who is this course for?

The Business Behind the Blooms is for any wedding professional from anywhere in the world.  This course is applicable for anyone, no matter where they are in their business journey.


The Business Behind the Blooms is for you if...

  • You’re a self-taught or professionally trained floral designer–as long as you desire to make money from your passion, you qualify!
  • You’re a stay-at-home mom looking for a way to earn a living without leaving your littles
  • You’re already in the wedding biz and dreaming about adding florals to your offerings, but don’t know how
  • You’re new to the floral biz, but already feel like you’re working too hard for too little return
  • You can’t stop comparing yourself to all those other floral designers you stalk on Instagram and wondering why you’re not further along
  • You’re a seasoned floral designer who’s finally over working crazy hours just to barely keep her head above water and desperately seeking a better way to do business
  • You want some guidance re-evaluating the way you’re running your business–from pricing to communicating with clients
  • You are tired of spending endless hours creating flower recipes, and want a method that not only simplifies the process, but maximizes your profit
  • Flowers are your happy place ;)
  • You just want someone knowledgeable to teach you the business side of flowers already!

What people are saying



I have been able to set useful goals in my business and with the help of her course I can achieve them. Overall, the resources and transparency Jessica offered blew me away!

Allison Edwards

Business name: Array Design
Phoenix, Arizona

The return on my investment in the course was immediate.

Deb Riedstra

Business name: Deb’s Floral Design
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

ClaraBarthorp copy.jpg

It has given me confidence, courage and increased creativity.

Clara Barthorp

Business name: Wilde Thyme
Jersey Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Hannah-Tilakumara-Professional-Profile-Wedding-Planner-Brisbane-HT-Events-2 copy.jpg

As a wedding planner, there was SO much that I resonated with. When I read the chapter on pay structure, my mind was blown!

Hannah Tilakumara

Business name:  HT Events
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

MaherHaroun copy.jpg

BBB is all the unanswered questions, answered and beautifully arranged in a way that brings me back to being that optimistic person who was courageous enough to start doing things on their own.

Maher Haroun

Business name:  Florals by Maher Haroun
Orange County, California

This course has changed my life and the way I do business.

Sophia Billotti

Business name:  The Flower Girl Florist
Rochester, New York


This open and honest memoir style course is a must read!

Alaina Olive

Business name: Accents Floral Design
St. Louis, Missouri

Jessica has helped revolutionize the way I connect with my clients.  Within a few weeks of changing my consult process I have booked 3 dream clients!

Lindsey Kao

Business name: Fall for Florals
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


As with any business-related program, your results using The Business Behind the Blooms may vary from the above testimonials. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, knowledge, skills, and a host of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. The Business Behind the Blooms is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you a great to achieve your desired results, and these Bloomers agree.


Residents of Arkansas are not eligible to apply for, nor purchase the course.  Thank you for your understanding.