bayley cox | bride

When it was time for me to plan my wedding, I knew I wanted to work with Jessica and her team at Zimmerman.  I was a huge fan of Jessica and her inventive design. I knew that she would understand the vision I had for my wedding.  From the moment I stepped foot into Zimmerman I felt right at home.  Jessica was a pleasure to work with. She was creative, incredibly talented, and such a sweet person.  Her team handled everything with great attention to detail and professionalism.  On the night of my wedding all of my expectations were exceeded at every turn.  From the fresh floral bouquets to the stunning centerpieces, every piece of my wedding was perfectly assembled.  Zimmerman was the best investment I made in my wedding.  I would recommend their business to anyone.  They took the vision I had for my wedding and created a day I would cherish the rest of my life.  I am so grateful for the team at Zimmerman in every way and I look forward to the day I get to work with them again.

- Bayley Cox