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 2019 Bloomer Offerings


Don’t Delay!

If you are interested in one or more of these opportunities, you must reserve your spot in the month of January.
This means whether you pay in full or take advantage of a payment plan, your first payment must be made this month!


Mentoring Power Sessions

2019 Bloomer Intensive

Retreat: Malibu, CaliforniA

Retreat: Charleston, South Carolina

Retreat: BLUE LAGOON, Iceland

One-on-One Sessions

Four-Pack Sessions


Mentoring with Jessica

Schedule your one-on-one 30 minute mentoring power sessions for one session, quarterly, or even all of 2019!

In your mentoring session, you will join Jessica on a video chat to discuss any aspect of your business that you are needing help with. The topics and discussion are completely up to you.

Need help honing in on your client consultations? Want a professional’s opinion on a new venture in your company? Just want someone to talk to to make sure everything is going okay? Sign up for your mentoring sessions now! Click the button below.


The 2019 Bloomer Intensive

You have all heard me talk about how I take November off each year to plan for the upcoming year. This is a very intense month of work, but I believe it plays a HUGE part in my continued success and growth each year. 

What is included:

  • Eight Bloomer-intensive-exclusive live webinars. You will get lifetime access to the replay links after the webinars

  • Digital packets before most webinars for you to download and follow along with during the discussions

  • A priceless budgeting, expenses, financial goal setting, net-worth spreadsheet

  • The opportunity for one-on-one power sessions with Jessica while going through the Intensive

Jessica Zimmerman | The Bloomer Intensive



One-on-One Sessions

Want to have Jessica’s undivided attention and learn from her one-on-one in her studio? This is the offering for you!

You can have exclusive access to learning from Jessica for one, two, or three days of first-hand wedding professional education. Times, dates, and content are up for discussion between Jessica and you, the Bloomer! Click the button below to learn more about scheduling your invaluable session and pricing.


Four-Pack Session

Would you like to join Jessica in her studio along with a few other Bloomers to discuss business, floral techniques, and even have a mini photo shoot? You and three fellow Bloomers will get the chance to join Jessica in her studio for a three day session

We are offering these four-packs for you to join with a few other Bloomers (whether you have a few people in mind, or if you want the chance to meet new people).