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Four-Pack Session

Would you like to join Jessica in her studio along with a few other Bloomers to discuss business, floral techniques, and even have a mini photo shoot? You and three fellow Bloomers will get the chance to join Jessica in her studio for a three day session

We are offering these four-packs for you to join with a few other Bloomers (whether you have a few people in mind, or if you want the chance to meet new people).


Four Pack Sample Timeline

Night 1 -

Go out to dinner, get to know each other and set goals

Day 1 -

Discuss business + process flowers

Day 2 -

Create floral arrangements all day

Day 3 -

Have a photo shoot with your floral with a professional photographer


Only FOUR SPOTS AVAILABLE per session!


four pack sessions

Book your spot in a four pack session below


Four people must sign up in order to retain this pricing.

You do not have to know the other Bloomers who sign up if you choose. Or, you can gather some bloomer friends and sign up together.


What is included 

  • First night’s dinner, and all lunches

  • Flowers and floral supplies

  • Professional photographer and photo shoot on the final day

  • Lasting memories and business education alongside colleagues in the industry

What is not included 

  • All travel and accommodations

  • All breakfasts and dinners on all nights other than the first night